Monday, January 21, 2008

I just finished The Kite Runner recommended to me by my friend Suvi and my sister Charla. It's such a well written book but I had a hard time going on with the story at times because of the tragedy and horrific abuse. There's a continuous sense of hope and self-reconciliation but still a harsh reality of what children in a different part of the world are going through. I was depressed for a good while.

When I was on a mission in southern Italy I met the most loving woman at a park who was tending to two beautiful little girls. One of the little girls was her daughter and the other was a little girl from the Ukraine that had come to stay with her for a few months in the summer. She was an orphan and she came to live with this family through a program that sends orphans to stay with healthy families and get a feel for what family life like. This was the second time that she had come to be with the particular family and the mother had hopes of adopting her when it became possible. The girl also had these hope. I have since lost contact with them and don't know the outcome but it's just another reminder of the need there is all over the world for the rest of the world to remember what is happening to little beautiful children. The situation in the orphanage was bleak and I hope that she was able to realize her dream of being a part of her Italian family. I'm going to try and find my Italian friend and see how things worked out. When I met her I had the distinct feeling that she was a person with a special ability to love. I think I got teary eyed the first time we talked. I loved going to her home and learning of her life.

. . . this weekend was also the Late New Years Party for the Maryhill Integration Network and the women that I taught and choreographed for performed the piece we made for the 16 Days of Action to counteract violence against women. Here are some of the photos of the dance and the celebration. And yes, the women are gorgeous-I already knew what you were thinking! There are also some photos of a fantastic musician that did an music workshop for the children. He played at the end with a band while people danced and it was loads of fun.


Suman Family said...

i really enjoyed the kite runner also. there definitely were hard parts but the story was really good. i enjoyed the film also. and i would also recommend the author's second book, a thousand splendid suns - a story about two women - again a hard book to read sometimes but a beautiful story about hope. it's just crazy to realize these stories are set in modern day. that's my two cents. hope things are well for your family. i have been missing provo - fun that you got to spend some time there.

charles said...

how about YOU have a special ability to love...hmm?

also, we're going to adopt, too someday.

Cammie said...

Laura--I'll check out A Thousand Suns too! Also, I'm glad we can keep in touch through blogging--it's so fun to see what you're up to. You're girls is so darling!

Charla--I want to adopt one day too!

Bridget said...

Richard will never adopt! We used to have conversations about it. I liked the kite runner book, but I don't want to see the movie. I have enough visual without it. I thought that Charlie Wilson's war was a great movie- very poignant, a precursor to a bit of the kite runner and the effects of war and it's aftermath and how we (as in the government) can affect things for good, but don't. I would adopt.

David & Karyann said...

I came upon your blog via bridgett's. What a cute family you have. long time no talk. I hope all is well. Give me an update on you, i would love your email and keep in touch.

take care

Michelle said...

So cool Cammie! I haven't read the Kite Runner yet- I need to get on that! I agree with Charla- you have a great ability to love. My brother and his wife adopted two baby boys both Guatemalan- and they are precious. I used to be on the regional state subsidy committee for adoptions in the Utah county area and it was very heart breaking- some great and some so sad. It turned me off to adoptions though I know they can be really successful especially with the right placement. You are a wonderful parent!