Sunday, October 29, 2006

Arriving in Glasgow

Pat, Thanks for everything! I can't believe we made it to Scotland in one piece!

Luckily, Jason's mom came with me to Scotland so that Soren and I didn't have to come alone--and it was definitely needed. Jason was already there finding a flat for us and starting
school. During the flight there were times when Pat and I were trying to hold back tears of frustration with all that was going on. I have much more respect for mothers flying alone with multiple children. It is tough with one! Once we made it to Glasgow we had a much smoother road with fun traveling and getting acquainted with the city. Pat stocked the cupboards with Costco goods and made sure we were ready to live happily after she left.

We loved having her here and Soren had so much fun marching with her around the dinning room table and outside with a leaf. . . we had good hot chocolate and french sandwhiches, train rides, bus rides, walking and more walking.

We miss you and can't wait for August.

ps. Thanks for all the love and support during my quick trip--all of the gifts, and all of the love! So nice to feel at home away from home!