Friday, February 15, 2008

From Northern Lights to Feminism to the Botanic Gardens

I just started reading The Northern Lights (aka. The Golden Compass) and it's so good. In fact, I love it. During all of the hype about how parents shouldn't let their children watch the movie or read the book, I had loads of fun reading other people's responses, but I didn't think I'd get so into the book like I am right now. I wish I was in a book club to start a discussion about the symbolism and deep dark meaning!!!

Jason just brought home a new book from the library for me. . . and yes, it's another book on feminism. It's a reader with essays and articles and poems. . . and I can't wait to get started. I was enjoying my reading of Feminism: Issues and Arguments written by Jennifer Saul but we had to take it back to the library before I finished so I can't wait until it's free again. I'm pretty sure it's a text for a class at the University and if that is the case I'd love to sit in on some of the lectures. There are so many different strands of feminist thought and this new book will get into that. Even after reading much of Saul's book and listening to some lectures on feminism from a professor at Stanford University named Estelle Friedman, I still don't understand why women would shy away from the word when discussing women's right to be treated equal and often say things like "I'm not a feminist, but. . .."

I know it's a complex word with meaning that changes with topic and time but as I was reading from the Saul's book I came across a wonderful definition of feminist thought. Since I don't have the book on hand to quote word for word the underlying argument is: a focus on womans' rights and questioning any conditions, laws and culture that cause subordination based on gender. This always rings so right to me. So clear. I love being a woman and promoting womans' rights to fulfill life as they dream and desire. So many myths float around in politics and everyday life that are not at all how I see feminist thought. It's such a shame.

The text also confronts the tendency in society to value what a man does more than what a woman does and questions why? It does not suggest that a woman should work outside the home or in the home but it does call for equal recognition for the work a woman chooses.

I love Jason and love that he loves feminist thought as well. He just read a book entitled Misquoting Jesus that discusses how the original texts which came to be included in the New Testament were changed by scribes over time. One section talks about how some of the writings of Paul, which are usually pointed to as teaching a subordination of women (such as that women should not speak in church), were altered a hundred or so years after they were originally written so that they would include those teachings. In the earliest and most reliable manuscripts they were either not there, or they indicated more of the roles that women played as teachers in the church and leaders in the Christian movement.

. . .On a lighter note--we went to the Botanic Gardens today and I have to say that the sun outside my window was oh so deceiving. I needed to wear my winter coat but instead just took my light spring coat. Soren and I still had a wonderful time and frolicked through the indoor gardens imagining they were jungles. . . and the flowers were better than a dream with bright pinks, purples, yellows and more. I have a love for orchids and want to share their beauty with you. Tah-Dah!!

A little live Georgia O'keeffe

So lovely-- little cabbage patch kids were about to pop out!

The dance of the Orchids

Almost cuddly. . .

so yummy and cute and sassy. . .

The is one of my favorite plants because the leaves turn to vibrant colors towards the middle like a flower but the texture is still leaf-like.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Benvenuto a Febraio

The month of Amore

I love people and I love people who show love to other people
I love Jason's guitar time at night while Soren dances
I love Jason and Soren

I love new possibility for the 2008 election

I love the clip of the Kitty Cat Man that Charla just posted on Feb. 4 here (it made me laugh so much)

I love being a woman
I love forgiveness and understanding
I love the all-time-great songs Tender and On and On
I love Bob Dylan's song Ain't talkin (it's like Tom Waits mixed with Johny Cash)
I love dance and communication and expression through movement
I love these words by contemporary dancer Jose Limon:

The human body is the most powerfully expressive meduim their is. Is is quite possible to hide behind paints, clay. . . but the body reveals. When you move you stand revealed for what you are.

I love Soren's new happiness with wearing two diffent socks (reminding me of Punky Brewster)

I love the cartoon version of Robin Hood. I love that when Soren was watching it today he yelled "they love each other!" I love the rooster that sings "sometimes ups out number the downs, but not in Knottingham" (he's so Willy Nelson)

I love the movie The Fountain

And I love this photo

Happy February to all of you lovers out there! What do YOU love today?