Thursday, February 26, 2009

This morning I taught a children's creative dance class. Before leaving I fed Dahlia and then was back again in about two and a half hours to feed her. (Breath a sigh of relief). . . All was smooth and it was a good feeling to come home and see dad and the kids all happy and doing their thing: enjoying life. I was able to get payed for my taxi to and from work which is a must when I'm on a tight schedule feeding my princess. Which brings me to my reason for this post titled "Ode to Women". I had just finished class and was standing in the grey with bits of rain falling on my head and coat. A mother with two children came out the door and because of the rain the mother was trying to put her youngest in the stroller with the rain cover while her other daughter walked ahead. The little one was not having it. She slid herself out of the stroller onto the pavement. The mother, obviously stressed, said something and then picked her daughter up in one arm and pushed the stroller with the other arm and off they went. I've so been there. I felt I knew her in that moment. I was, at that particular time, without my children and free from the extra worry and stress yet I felt her battle of gathering her chicks and getting where she needed to go. She was a warrior woman in that moment and an example to me that I can do this and women all over the world do. Regardless of diverse cultures and anything that may separate us we are bound as women. Women. This is a powerful word to me. And human. we are bound as humans. I was brought back to the book I read recently-- Siddhartha by Herman Hess. I love this book. The message is so powerful and beautiful and I wont say anymore because I hope you read it. At the Maryhill Integration Network the women wrote a song that was performed in their last piece "Songs of Home, Songs of Hope" that contained a similar message. The chorus, written by Rema (an amazing woman) sings "no matter race, no matter faith, we're all human, we are the same" and it touches me each time the women sing it. For me, the purpose in life is to become one, to feel together and to gain such an awareness and understanding for all people in the world with all the rich uniqueness surrounding us that it becomes my nature to love each person and thing around me. I realize how unhappy I am when I become consumed with myself and things that don't bring true happiness. I'm at peace with my life and the world when I remember we are all humans and we can be one. I feel so blessed and connected when I am aware of this truth. . . connection--that's a whole other topic that I'll explore later . . .

On a funny note. . .the other day Soren told me I couldn't do something by saying "No humans, just kids". . .

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little bits and pieces of my life from the past two weeks

Beautiful things we see outside our windows every once in a while. . .

Last weeks obsession: Portuguese Custard Tarts

Conversations of a mom and her boy:

Soren: Little sweet girl's up.
Mom: How do you know she's up?
Soren: Because I'm a great learner?
Mom: Did you go back in my room (where she is sleeping)?
Soren: yes, I had to wash my hands.

He went through the master bedroom where dahlia is sleeping to the master bathroom instead of using his own bathroom. . . but he sure is cute. I really don't know if he really woke her up or if she woke up on her own . . . and I love my little dude.

They have story time at his nursery where they not only tell the wee ones stories but the wee ones can tell their own stories as well. Soren apparently loves this part of the day (according to one of his teachers, he thrives). She told Jason when he was picking Soren up about his story. He told the class that he went to the Ayrshire Farm Park (majorly fun park by the way) and saw camels and monkeys and ate french fries and drank hot chocolate and then came home and threw up in the bathtub. All of this is true. Great story, eh?

I'm dreaming of everything today. . .I mean EVERYTHING. . .shabby-chic, bright accents, little birds! I want skirts and hats and drapes with ruffles and no ruffles . . . and I'm still dreaming of Hawaii.

Dahlia is my angel.

Today we went out to the lovely green fields behind our flat and got to breath the cool brisk air. Dahlia likes to sit up while in her buggy which is rather hard for her because it is a laying down buggy (refer to photos below and you can see her sitting up). She's got a tough tummy and doesn't want to miss a thing lying down, thank you.

My trusty clogs that I shall never part with. I'm going to have them resoled sometime soon:

Last weeks snowman. He's gone. Only a carrot is left on the grass.

La foto di growling:

The work of my new little photographer Sorentino (aka soren):

And finally, my favorite pumpkin and strawberry heads together.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Art Show

I'm really proud of these elephants that Soren made as representations of our family, especially because I'm the cool looking one with the three spindly legs facing to the left.

The other day I found these art kits for kids that Soren went to town with. Seriously, he was occupied for probably more than an hour creating people and designs. And the glue. . .oh, how he loves to work with glue. The last of these next three photos is my favorite because of the long puff ball arms and little puff ball legs. It makes me happy to see his forms and how his mind works and translates what he's thinking to paper (or whatever he's using).

He had some help with this one ;)

. . . And while we're talking about art I want to post a photo of the lovely blankets Grandma Pat sent for Dahlia. She knitted the ends and they are so cozy and double sided--a real must in this cold weather. There is one more that Dahlia was using at the time I took the photo.

. . .And since I haven't been a good blogger lately, here are some photos of our recent excursion to Jason's school. Sometimes I have great fun owning the whole girlie pink thing with Dahlia--Jacket: compliments of my sister Bridget, Umbrella: compliments of my mom, and lovely Dahlia: compliments of me of course!

Here's one more good one for the road. . .

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Baby Dahlia's Blessing Day

Dahlia is a joy!

*Thanks Grandma Pat for the lovely dress.