Thursday, December 18, 2008

I know. . .

I just did a "Deep Thoughts" but this is really funny. . .

Soren and I were making a banana peanut butter smoothie and Soren took a big bite of peanut butter. Then he said, "now I'll have to brush my teeth this year." He hasn't quite grasped the time frame thingy with yesterdays, last weeks and time in general.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Deep Thoughts by Soren

"Where is the heck of Dad?"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There's a fantastic new dance blog that was started by dancer and dance advocate Nichelle Strzepek. To check out her articles and discussions go here.

There are interesting and informative reads on all dance related topics-- boys in dance, refugee dance performers, politics, studio issues, professional performers and performances and much much more. Her latest post is titled Pregnancy and Parenthood in Dance. So, all you dancers and dancer moms out there check it out!
Dahlia is our little darling who loves to nurse--I forgot how much work it is. She sleeps well at night for which I am very grateful and smiles randomly. I can tell her eyes are starting to focus more and more.

2 kids are a lot more work than one. Who would have thought? Soren is adjusting well most of the time but we've had some hard moments. . . I've had mommy guilt that I can't be there for him like I was able to before. Moms with more than one child--Did you feel guilty as well? And, let me just say that I have ample respect for you moms with 3 plus kids! I think my blogging is going to slow down drastically until I get into a routine.

Our sleeping flower

Dad this morning

Family photo shoot

This is the vacuum decorated by Soren for Christmas. He told me we had a new vacuum and showed me his lovely creation.

Dahlia Ann with Grandma DD (Darla Ann)

Emilia and Soren in the rain and hail

Dahlia smiles

My mom has been here helping out and it's been so wonderful. She adores Dahlia and all her grandchildren. She has recently returned from Rotterdam where she stayed and helped out with Charla and she's been helping Bridget with her kids as well. She made it home just in time for Dahlia's birth (the day before)! It's been a vacation of sorts for her but not a luxurious, relaxing, kick your heals up in the sun vacation. . . I think she misses the the sun too much to settle down here. I think I do too! Thanks mom for all your help!

I've got some cute videos coming. . .