Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My due date was today. . .

. . . but I decided to come a week early (11-11 at 11pm)! My mom was so excited she lost 7 pounds 13 ounces. We're all doing well and Soren loves me dearly. He calls me "Baby Sweet Cakes" and gives me kisses galore. Dad's so happy to have a little girl but I think he's more tired than my mom!

I was born at home and welcomed into my new surroundings by my mom, my dad, my Grandma DD, my aunt Bridget and some wonderful midwives. The midwives gave me to my mom right away and she was so happy she cried. There were times when my mom thought she couldn't go on but I was determined and finally entered this world beautiful and healthy. My first cry was welcomed by all in the room--my first song in this life.

Lots of love,


Monday, November 03, 2008

Soren's in the other room playing with play dough and having little conversations with the characters he makes. I heard him say "you created me and now you're scared of me." I love it when he gets in the zone and is completely in his own world.

We've gone pumpkin crazy here in Scotland with pumpkin boy (for the 3rd year), pumpkin muffins, pumpkin painting, roasted pumpkin seeds and more! Canned pumpkin isn't that easy to come by (and doing it yourself is more my style) so we baked our pumpkin and pureed it and made muffins yesterday. Jason roasted the seeds and they were good and salty. I have some more puree in the fridge for pumpkin pancakes tomorrow. Our friends who has us over for Halloween made pumpkin pie that was delicious so that will the next thing we're including in our pumpkin extravaganza!

My friend Sarra posted a great recipe as well. I just didn't have all of the ingredients in the house to try it out. . . but I will soon. And you're right Sarra, pumpkins are underrated!

Here are some photos of our recent happenings-- Halloween piñata and all! Oh, and the yellow ribbon around his neck is another Sorenism. He got the ribbon from a package we received and really enjoyed wearing it. I think it adds to the costume for sure. What do you think?