Sunday, February 07, 2010

I have a lot to catch up on. . . I'm not sure where to begin so I'm going to just start and see where I end up with this post.

We took a wonderful trip to the States and I've missed family so much that it was hard to come back (more about our trip later). Soren has sprouted up and grown out of many of his clothes and when I weighed him at his Grandma's house he was 43 pounds. Dahlia was 21.5 pounds and I thought that it was so cute that she was exactly half of his weight (it also helped me remember for blogging purposes). Dahlia has 11 teeth now and I hope she's taking a break because I sure need some restful sleep and I know her Daddy wouldn't mind either. The two year bottom molars were beastly (not to mention her double ear infections and eye infection). She's all better now. Now I just need to make sure Jason is well for his big week!! He's flying to California to present a lecture on Globalization, Buddhism and Ethics.

I am enjoying so much my 4 year old's company. He is such a delight and so creative. His fifth birthday is around the corner and he has started some annoying games that come with the territory. Do you know the game where someone copies EVERYTHING you say? Well Soren's pretty good at it. I decided to beat him at his own game a while back. I know, I'm really mature. So, anyway, while he was copying me I said, "Hi, I'm Soren and I don't like chocolate." After he repeated it he waited a few seconds and said in a commanding voice, "You made a fool of me." It was so funny.

My sister got Soren this really cool book called The Usborne Book of Art Projects. It's fantastic. Yesterday we were looking through it and picked out this extra cool fish design with fish made from kitchen foil. When we went to start it I realized we didn't have any foil. . .but I did have a gold foil from a dark chocolate bar. We made gold fish. We also had to improvise with the ocean so I cut out blue squares of magazine paper to make a collage ocean for our regal fish. . .in the end it was pretty different from the original instructions but it was so much fun and the original was our inspiration. I love doing projects using bits and bobs from around the house. Soren was thoroughly excited for his Dad to see it and said he would like it so much he'd "rip his eyes out." Things that make me go hmmm.

Sofia, Zoe and Soren at his friend Sofia's Brithday Party

La mama della festa with beautiful Giulia

Dahlia and her cousin Emilia