Monday, June 22, 2009


My sister, Bridget, and her family went to Ireland recently and they brought us back this adorable jam--traffic Jam. It's three flavors!

I have a new friend. She's the sweetest woman and I met her at church. We talked about organic food and gardens and other things we love. The next Sunday she brought me this gorgeous potted gourmet lettuce! It's all eaten up now and she told me to just bring back the pot and she'll fill it again. I'm already thinking of what I can fill it with for her when I send it back. She also loaned me a book called The Art of Tibetan Living that I'm eager to start. When I was younger and out with my dad we use to sing the song "make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold". We would sing it in a round and my dad would start. As soon as I came in he would start to sing his lines to my tune. I remember saying "no dad, now you're singing my part" and we would laugh and have so much fun. That's such a great memory for me. My friends are so precious to me. Thanks Dad, for teaching me that song and for being my dad and also my friend.

We love Mexican food and my mom was always good at cooking her own black and aduki beans. I love making them now as well and think they are so lovely to look at while they're soaking. I just added onion, garlic, salt and some olive oil and they were so yummy . . .and so simple.

When the sun comes out in Glasgow sun hats are all the rave. So, naturally, Dahlia had to have one too. We can't have her little head getting too much sun (in a place where the sun never shines. . .it can be shocking to the skin when it does come out though).

Soren has many great pairs of socks. Today I was looking at the bottom of the socks he was wearing and saw that the heels were so thin! I thought "how can this be?" then I quickly realized that it's because many, if not most, go to other uses such as the dog above. His name is Duhdo.

The flowers are leaving us . . .but the green will never leave! xo

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When I started my dance degree at University I began wanting my life to be outside the norm. When I was younger I took loads of dance and gymnastics classes. Two of my sister's did as well. I know it was a pretty penny for my mom but she wanted us to be of part of good things. As I began a serious study of dance in college I noticed that I had been very blessed and that this wasn't the case for many.

Before Jason and I were dating he came over to my house one day and we had our first conversation. It was kind of a "get to know you" one and we expressed what we wanted to do with our studies. I remember telling him my dream of teaching dance to kids that wouldn't normally have the chance. . . he told me about a non profit group that he had started with his friend. We remained friends and that was that. Little did we know that one day we would be married and that each of us would be able to realize our dreams of non profit work in our fields of study.

My life is very real, normal and annoying at times but it's mine and I love it. I put my dreams out there and the stars were listing. I change diapers and get mad (Jason and Bridget can tell you that as well). I stress about things that don't matter. I cry easily. I'm totally scared of worms. I love. I love getting hugs from my babies. I love to dance with women from all over the world. They are just like me. They are me. We are one. There is something about art and the art of dancing together that fills my soul. Tonight I performed with the Maryhill Integration Network and the piece was a mix of contemporary dance and cultural dances that move me.

I think about when we will be leaving and I know that the hardest part will be saying good bye to the women, my sisters, at the MiN.

I wanted my life to be fulfilling and it is.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Music & More Conversations with Soren

Current obsession: Swedish pop rock band Hello Saferide

Anna is my new favorite song. It's one of the most beautifully written sad love songs and I almost cried. Do you love it too? The Quiz is awesomeness as well. Jason likes to find new songs that he thinks I'll like and put them on our play list.

Thanks, Jason, for finding these songs for me. I love you.

My little Sorentino has been giving me a good laugh with all the funny things he says so I'm going to share the joy of having a 4 year old.

More conversations of a mom and her boy:

Mom: Do you want to get your hair cut like Isaac?
Soren: I want it all done so it's just my brain.

Mom: Did you get your lunch?
Soren: We nearly forgot it! (nearly is one of the words used more in the UK that he's picked up--I love it. Bridget kids are saying it too)

Soren: I was meanting you to see how small the ice cube is.

Soren: When I grow up can I be a show and you'll come and lots of people will come to see what I'm doing?
Mom: You want to be a movie star?
Soren: Yeah!

Soren: Do you know when I grow up I'll have a muffin face. . .it will be shaped like a muffin.

Soren: Guess what! I've got a brilliant idea.

Soren: I suppose we shouldn't bring this. The wind is properly strong to brake this.

Soren: Can I have some sarsaparilla?
Mom: What's that?
Soren: It's nuts. It's a drink.

Soren loves to say it's my Birthday and make me "cakes". One was a banana with candles on it and the other was a slice of bread with candles and grapes on top. He sings "Happy Birthday" and then we blow out the candles. It's good fun. The last time we did this he said, "no, first you gotta say Master of the Cakes". I guess he still loves the word master.

And. . .Jason was away for 8 days to a conference to present a paper and then to visit his mom who has not been well. I knew he needed to go and kept encouraging him to do it but when the time drew close I started to panic! But, I have to say that the few days leading up to it were actually harder than the 8 days alone. My survival instinct kicked in and although I got little sleep, I just kept going and didn't feel tired. The first few nights when the kids were both asleep I had the hardest time winding down to sleep and it was totally frustrating but . . . that is all behind me now and I did it!!