Wednesday, October 21, 2009

eight things

I was tagged oh so long ago and I've tried to do the first question a couple of times and I just realized that I need to changed it a bit. Every time I tried to remember 8 things I did yesterday I just couldn't. I know that is so sad but here are 8 things I did today:

took my pink coat to the dry cleaners
went for a walk with the kids to the new children's clothing store Peace & Jam (very cute stuff)
ran into a friend on the way to the gardens with the kids (we didn't make it to the gardens)
brought her little boy home to play with Soren
went to rehearsal
put Dahlia to bed. . .

8 things I'm looking forward to:

Jason's graduation
Dahlia's Birthday
living in a ground floor flat or a one story house
living near family again
teaching a fun Halloween dance class on Halloween
spending more time with Jason

8 favorite shows:

The office
Parks and Recreation
David Letterman
. . . and that's it. I don't have TV so I watch shows that Jason brings home :)

8 Favorite Restaurants:

Little Italy
Bombay House
La Cucina
La Buca Di Beppo
my sisters' houses :)--better than eating out
authentic Mexican restaurants
. . .and I can't think of another one. We don't eat out much.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A couple of months ago I ran into my friend Fanus. I was on my way to Lupe Pintos, a cool shop where I like to buy good Mexican and American food, and she was on her way to a shop that specializes in African products and produce. I was with Soren and she was with her daughter as well, who is the same age. Our kids have grown so much since we first met. She told me that she had been given refugee status and can now remain in Glasgow without fear of deportation. This was exciting news and it also means that now she can leave the UK and go to see her mother. While waiting for refugee status she wasn't allowed to leave.

Fanus is a member of the Maryhill Integration Network where I teach and one of the groups that they sponsor is the Writers Group. She was also a part of this and published her story in their book called "Second Home". Her writings left a deep impression in my heart and mind and brought me to tears.

She has given me permission to share some of her story with you:

I wish I could say this to my mother

when my father passed away and left you with four kids, you worked hard and brought them up well.
One day one of them despaired of her life at home. So for her own sake, and the sake of the people she loved and cared for, she decided to get away. Do you remember that day when she came to you? She was crying. She said she had to escape from her army work. She could take no more. You were crying too, but because you're a mother, you wanted her to have life. You helped your daughter get away. You came with her through the jungle to the border. Since that day you haven't heard from her.
You must be asking so many questions: Is she alive? dead? You blame yourself for letting her go, for you think, 'I'd rather have her die in front of me that die alone.'
Mother, Aday, I know I've broken your heart. I let you down. I am desperate to be with you. I want to see your face, to kiss you-but how can I? They'd catch me. Aday, God gave me to you. You are the most generous, beautiful, special person in the world. I promise I'll see you soon. Not in my dreams, but SOMEWHERE in reality. Good bye, my dearest Aday - for now.

She also has, in the book, the story of her escape through the jungle. I'm so impressed and taken back by her courage to do what most will never have to confront. While in the jungle she was threatened by the man that was to help her to safety. He tried to force himself on her. She resisted courageously and screamed as loud as she could. This allowed the enemy to hear them but it also made the man realized his awful stupidity and terrible error. She made it to safety and eventually to Scotland. . .

Now she is in contact with her mother. This brings me great happiness. What an amazing woman she is.

Friday, October 16, 2009

some ramblings

I'm sitting in my pj's and have a bit of that tight chest feeling (the one that makes me think "how am I going to make it through the day). I haven't showered, the white noise is going while Dahlia rests and I look out the window. Autumn is here. I love her. She brings fire to the trees that then falls off and is carried through the wind. The sky is blue. Thank you, sky, for being blue. I needed you to be blue today. The house is pretty cozy but my feet are still cold. Why are my feet always cold? A bath will warm them. I feel heavy today and a bit alone with people all around me and the sound of someone coming up the stairs and shutting the door to the neighboring flat.

Yesterday, Jason and I went to Edinburgh with Dahlia to get her passport. The grasslands in view outside the train window were lovely and lonely to me too. It must be my mood. I don't mind it. We'll go to the park. I'll see friends there. West end Glasgow is amazing like that. I can be thinking that I need to go and see someone in particular and most likely in the coming weeks I will without any effort on my part. We'll see each other at the park, shopping--the normal comings and goings. . .

I love windows today. I love the trees outside my window and the sweet little birds who move their heads just so. It makes me smile. Dahlia is very aware of the birds now and gets excited when they fly overhead.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two New Videos

This is our little darling Dahlia. After months of determined attempts to stand, she started walking at 9 months. It has been a while since our last post. . .and now dahlia is 11 months. She's a real cruiser and a bruiser.

And, this is a video of Soren dancing to the music at the end of one of his movies (You may have to turn up the volume all the way to hear the music though).