Sunday, March 14, 2010

My little Soren turned 5 yesterday. Here are five awesomely awesome things he's said lately:

1-Let's call Dahlia "Little Rico".

2-Monkey is actually bad in Kung Fu Panda. He's fantastically bad.

3-I'm being an artist right now. I can create beautiful things. Things from the earth. I'm being so create-able.

4-Dahlia, I think you're missing the point.

5-(This one is funny if you've seen the movie "All Dogs go to Heaven") You can't keep a good dog down. . .(shakes his head) You can't keep a good dog down.

I love my little boy!

On to Baking............

I think I've actually gone a bit crazy and you'd believe me if you knew how many times I've made Pear Polenta cake not to mention the Dutch Apple and Chocolate cakes (and Jason doesn't mind). . .It's been my therapy through the stress and cold.

Le Torte:

Pear Polenta dream

Dutch Apple Muffins and more Polenta Cake

Cake's I made on Valentines Day for my true love

Soren's Chocolate Fudge cake

Tea for one is so much fun. . .

I took this photo today.

I found this in the kitchen one day.

I'm happy.

. . .I almost forgot to post that Jason and I went out on a date last night! Don't we look happy?. .

PS. I did a guest post for Dance Advantage and you can check it out here.