Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Beautiful Nephew

Charla had her sweet baby and he's gorgeous. She sent us a video of him and I've watched it a few times already. I can't wait to hold him and hug my sister!

To see a photo of him go here!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I was tagged by. . .

my sister-in-law Stephanie, my sister-in-law Carol and my sister Bridget (in that order but with many months in between).

I'm making my own rules and taking questions from from each since they aren't all the same.

If money, time, and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?

I'd go to southern Italy, southern France, Thailand, South America, other states in the US. . . The places to see are endless but I'd start with southern Italy because I lived there for about a year and a half and fell in love with the culture. I heart la Sicilia and its art, heavenly food, people and weather. Oh, and my hot husband would be my traveling buddy. . . and Gelato Galor!

Facts about me:

1. I'm extremely sensitive to what others think and I cry easily if people are mean or if I get my feelings hurt.

2. I love being a woman. In fact, it makes my heart sing to know that I am female and part the female existence. I love strong women who stand (and move) for goodness and I love that the earth is referred to as female. I love earthy movement and dance and how we are supported by this lovely lady--the earth.

3. I can go back and forth from being punctual and absent-minded. Last July 19th Jason and I both forgot our anniversary! I remembered in the middle of August! I think I move from one extreme to another with other areas of my life too--I'm a true Libra with those balances at war.

4. I'm a daydreamer.

5. I love natural things- natural foods, fashion and medicine. Soren was born at home and it was one of the most spiritual and difficult experiences of my life. He was welcomed to the world by Jason, my sister Bridget, my dear friend and midwife Karly, my midwife Diane (a true pioneer among women), my mom and my sister Charla. It was a sacred experience that I treasure for all that it was--deliriously hard, empowering, and life changing. A great song in a chapter of my life.

6. I got a degree in dance and it has been so incredibly useful and meaningful to my life. Although it was quite common to hear statements like "what a fun major" I was completely fulfilled in my studies not only in areas of technique and performance but also in academia. I see dance as an instrument for so many areas of life including the arts, therapy, humanities, culture, anatomy, spirituality, fitness, communication, integration and more.

OK, enough about me. I'm tagging Megan.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Last night Jason, Soren and I went to a banquet for Integration Week at the Celtic stadium (one of the 2 major Football teams in Glasgow) and had a wonderful time. Maryhill Integration Network (miN) was invited to come and also perform parts of their recent dance projects. It was a lovely time with strong performances from vocalists, break dancers, the miN dancers, and a theatre company all promoting racial peace, non violence and other important issues in the community. Remzije Sherifi, a leading force behind the miN, spoke during the evening as well and it was so moving to hear of her experience in her homeland and how she came to live in Scotland. She recounted her experience in Kosovo which was once peaceful and how it turned to a world filled with war and blood and death when Milosevic took power in Serbia. Her home was burned down along with her city. She hid one night with her 3 sons, her husband, a baby and some other family and the cold they felt was one that went deeper than the physical. She told how the baby began to cry when they were hiding, and how they feared being heard and discovered. They comforted the baby back to sleep and were eventually found by a cousin and starrted a two day walk to a camp the next morning.

After relocating to Scotland she pledged to dedicate her life to helping other woman in the UK relocate here, integrate and find joy. She has been here 9 years now and I feel so lucky to know her and learn from her.

She recently published a book about her journey called The Shadow Behind the Sun that I'm going to read soon.

After moving speakers and performers we enjoyed delicious Indian food (naan bread, korma and more) and good conversation.. . .a special night.

Remzije is the lovely woman in the middle surrounded by other women from miN.

This is Mirian. I took this while she was chatting with a friend at dinner and just couldn't resist. She is so beautiful.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Birthday Boy

Our little baby just turned 3 today! He makes our hearts sing with happiness and we love him to pieces.

We love. . .

His pudding cheeks-- when I take him with me to a class that I teach many of the older children love to come and see him and pinch his cheeks and say they're cute and chubby;

His bright mind--he delights us with his thoughts. One day while looking in my eyes he said "I can see Soren in your eyes."

His enthusiasm for life and the little things in it--his gusto to create playful art, to dance, to sing, to imagine and to love;

His enormous heart--last night, the night before his Birthday, he decided to wrap a present for his dad. I gave him some tape, he found some paper and he wrapped one of his books. I finished it off with a bow and he kept saying "Daddy will be so impressed!" With his precious wrapping job (taped up and part hanging out) he presented it to him the next morning.

His morning and bedtime cuddles when he's so contented to be right next to mom and dad (usually nuzzled in between);

3 year old sense of humor and wit-- he memorizes books we read and uses phrase he's learned during the day

His honesty--tonight went something like this with Soren recounting what happened with regards to something he wanted--"mama said yes and you said no. I told mama you said yes."

His little sweetness when he says "you are soooo cute."

. . .and SO much more that it's endless!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Such a Difficult Week

Let me just start by saying I'm fine now but I've had better weeks for sure. Last Sunday was a day of rest because I had the beginnings of what I thought to be a sinus infection with a sore cheek and teeth. Tuesday I had to teach one dance class and then go to Edinburgh to perform and I thought I was doing OK and could handle it. As I was about to start my class I had the most excruciating pain that brought me to tears but I managed to finish class and get on my way to Edinburgh. My friend drove and during the drive there my agony came in waves. I soon realized that it was a mistake to go to the performance but we were on our way and she was the live accompaniment! I performed (still dealing with the waves of pain but surprisingly not while I was dancing) and in the end didn't go out for the finale. The ride home was another struggle so when we arrived back in Glasgow my friend took me to the ER. The doctor wasn't sure what was wrong with me and why pain medicine wasn't working so they told me to go to my GP.

The next morning was filled with moments of insane pain (with no real sleep until 5 am that morning) and during my visit with the doctor I had a sudden emergence of pain and started to cry. I think the doctor just thought I was having a breakdown and was telling me to calm down. I was having a breakdown! One caused by pain! And yes, I know he was trying to help but I have a sweet little 2 year old that I want to take care of but with this awful pain I was so overwhelmed and it was happening right then. He gave me some penicillin and referred me to the dental hospital so I pushed Soren in the buggy half way and then flagged a taxi. After getting to the right level and talking with the receptionist I found out that they were fully booked and I had another breakdown and started to cry. I made it home, grabbing a taxi (still dealing with the incredible soreness and starting to go crazy).

I got home and called Jason to come right then and by this time I was literally humming and crying. Somehow making noise was my way of dealing with the pain. I finally decided to take the penicillin and a miracle occurred. The pain started to subside. Jason got home and called the dental hospital and was able to make an after hours appointment for that night.

After all of this I found out that my wisdom tooth was trying to come through and causing a war in my mouth! The dentist (such a kind man) said that there is room for it to come in and that if the penicillin was working that I should keep using it until the pain subsided. It was counteracting an infection caused by the wisdom tooth. Many thanks to my doctor for the right prescription and and a special thank you to the Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming for discovering penicillin!

I think I'm officially fine now and am so very. truly, wonderfully grateful to be pain free!

. . .and it snowed last week and here are our little snowmen! We made two little guys--aren't they cute!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Did you know. . .

that if you're baking (cookies, cakes or the like) and realize once you've started that you don't have the eggs you needed or you want to make something vegan or egg free you can substitute ground flax meal. . . and it works like a charm!!! All you need to do is put some in a sauce pan with water and heat until it's an egg-like texture and then add it to the recipe.

My resourceful husband taught this to me and we have made some really good breads with it too!