Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Jason left on the 16th for a 2 week course in Oxford where he's studying Pali, which is a form of Sanskrit. I know, it sounds crazy hard to me too! The thought of him being gone that long gave me anxiety but it's surprising how able and self sufficient we can become when we have to. I definitely prefer our routine when we're both here. But, Soren has been my little helper and has been telling me he loves me more than the usual. He must sense that I need the encouragement. He's such a sensitive little dude.

We miss you Jason and can't wait to come and meet you in London when you finish!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I just finished To Kill a Mocking Bird this morning. I loved it. Harper Lee is a writer to be commended always because of this great work and she is most definitely worthy of her Pulitzer Prize. I was reading a few lines to Jason a couple of days ago and they touched me so deeply I cried. It's a Jewel among literature--not the trendy kind of jewelry that everyone wears, enjoys and then gives to the charity shop after a while. This one is a keeper. A treasure.

I checked a copy out from the library but can't wait to buy my own for Soren to read someday.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sisters and Smoothies

My sister Charla and I always joke that we're on the same wave length. A few days ago we were chatting and we both wanted to tell each other the type of smoothie we had been making. I went first and told her about my peach, banana smoothie with Greek yogurt. Guess what her's was! Yep--peach, banana smoothie with Greek yogurt!

Here's my recipe:

a lot of Greek yogurt
one peach
one frozen banana
a tablespoon of maple syrup (Charla used honey)
and maybe a half a cup of rice milk (regular milk or whatever you like)

Blend and enjoy!