Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In the last 2 weeks we have made it through a move to our new flat and the Chicken Pox. I'm so glad that both are finished. Soren had Chicken Pox in his mouth and one in the middle of his tongue! When he first got them it wasn't bad at all and we thought it was going to be easy. . .little did we know they come in batches and more kept coming.  Two or three of the days were rough (especially at night).  Oatmeal baths were a real help with the itching and by the end of the week we had cabin fever and were dying to get out of the house.

The windows in my kitchen makes me happy. A few days ago I made a vegan Coconut Lemon Cake that my sister Charla recommended. It's amazing. I think it's my new favorite cake and I'm anxious to make it again.  I can hear the birds churping outside my window right now and although it's grey again I can't help but feel peaceful with all the green leaves layering the trees. The birds are probably building their nests that we usually only get to see in the winter when all the leaves are gone.  Nest spotting is one Soren's favorite pasttimes.   Strawberries are abundant in town again too.  Two days ago Soren was convinced that we needed to make strawberry muffins.  I've never done that and I just prefer fresh strawberries but with some serious persuading on Soren's behalf we made strawberry bannana muffins (I used a chocolate bannana muffin recipe and substituted the chocolate with strawberries).   They were actually quite nice.

Dahlia having a zen moment

The modern day hand cart--Soren's got it rough

The front of our new flat

Soren under the weather a few weeks ago--my beautiful boy.

The Coconut Lemon Cake

Me and my Honey

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're in the process of moving and moving with a 5 month old and a 4 year old makes things take A LOT longer that you think. But, we are getting it done and I'm SO happy with our new flat!! Did someone say botanic gardens, transport links, university, nursery school, shops galore. . .Oh yes, it was me and we're next to all of those things that are a part of our life.

Fact of the day: my husband has the strength of an ox. This is very handy when moving to a new flat.

Moving stinks (and sometimes literally when you find icky stuff in a cupboard that you didn't know was there).

I love my little darling baby Dahlia. Her smile makes me smile all the time. Love, hearts, hearts, love.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where is my mind?

So I've been wanting skinny jeans FOREVER and was just thinking about it. Then, I remembered that I DO have some! Here's the story: right when I got pregnant with Dahlia I took some jeans to the tailor to be made into skinny jeans and it took forever for her to finish them (and the other stuff I brought for that matter) and by the time I got them back I was a big lady. Anyway, they went in a dresser and I forgot about them. I thought about them right before Dahlia was born but then forgot again. Well, yesterday I remembered I had them and it was like Christmas. I tried them on and they were perfect. I felt like a new woman!. . .but, umm, how do you forget you already have jeans that you've always wanted?

Moving on. . .

At night Jason and I take turns putting Dahlia to bed and singing to her. Jason sings Tom Waits and the Avette Brothers and she's a happy clam. Some of my songs and noises include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (it was her favorite for about a month), Italian hymns, train sounds and saying mama and random things in a sweet high voice. Yesterday . . .the song that came out was even a shocker to me. And no, it wasn't "where is my mind" by the Pixies. The title was referring to the first half of the post but I'll give you a hint: "Shot through the heart and you're to blame. . . " Yep, Il John Francis Bongiovi, the Jovster, The Great Bon Jovi! He's Rad with a Capital R. So, stay cool. Have an awesome summer. It was fun talking with you in Science class. K.I.T.



PS. I love your senior picture!

PPS. Words of Wisdom by Soren: "Mom, when I eat a sweetie it makes me feel like eating another sweetie. . .Mom, can I have another sweetie?"--I love the honesty.