Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bridget and Emilia

This is a photo of my sister Bridget and her daughter Emilia modeling for Organize Magazine that I've been meaning to post this for ages. They're so lovely!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Like Father Like Son

Note to self: If your 3 year old says he's cleaning the bathroom you might want to see what he's up to and avoid toilet paper being stuffed into the sink drain and clogging it for a few days until Jason fixes it.

Our morning went something like this with Jason fixing the bathroom sink and Soren coloring while I finish the dishes and make oatmeal:

Holding up the picture he was working on Soren said, "there are holes in it . . .I don't want holes in it". I could see that he had made some holes with his marker by pressing it too hard so I said "here make a new one" while thinking an imperfect mother thought (because I totally appreciate the repetitive learning process) don't make holes in it if you don't want holes in it. Which brought me back to a memory of when I was about the same age as Soren and my mom took us to Idylwild, California to visit some friends. Bridget and I were coloring with a little boy and I got frustrated because I colored the faces of the people blue. So, my mom gave me a new page and guess what I did. . .yep, I colored the faces blue again and got mad again. 3 year olds are just cool.

. . . Then Soren had the idea to tape the holes so I got him some pieces and he doctored it very nicely (smart little cookie).

. . . and here's one more awesome prayer segment . . ."please bless that we'll be safe, please bless that we'll be delighted, and please bless the sheep."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Francie

from the left: me, Charla, Bridget, and Francie

Today is my sister Francie's Birthday. She's a giving beauty queen and so much fun to be with. When I was in junior high I remember being so happy when she'd pick me up from activities so that my friends could see how cool she was. Her creativity was always useful and one time she made up a song about strapping in when we were in the car. It was to the tune of the "sine off" commercial--that one for sinus problems with the people in military uniforms (anyone remember it?). Well, her rendition totally worked.

Bridget and I use to sneak downstairs while she was at school and play with her Barbies. When she got home we'd hide under the stairs and she'd always find us and know what we'd been up to.

One year on a family vacation to Canada we were in the back of the camper and to pass the time we had mock cheerleader tryouts. Francie's impression of the wannabes were the best! She came up with the funniest characters and they still keep me laughing. Oh, and I almost forgot her Popeye, Yoda and dog impressions that are seriously awesome!

Now that we're all growing up she's still the giving tree and we love her endlessly!
A bit late to post but what the hay-- my sister Bridget sent Soren this wonderful Birthday banner. She makes them for all occasions and they're delightful. She is so good with paper and sells them on etsy and at the Beehive Bazaar.

I've also finally learned how to make focaccia bread and have overcome my fear of working with yeast. . .and it's not hard!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

an eventful day

Soren finds so much joy in playing with my jewelry box (or as he would say "treasure chest") and, today, after much persisting I let him get it out. He said I had a hurt hand that he needed to fix. I'd say he did a pretty good job of "dressing up my wounds."

He doesn't have nursery school today but decided to get all dressed up and journey to the one in his room. His Thomas the Tank Engine bed is one of the students.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I stayed up way too late finishing The Subtle Knife (book number 2 of the Golden Compass trilogy) and it's a good book with an intense ending. When Soren got up at 7:30 I knew it was going to be a tough morning. What was I thinking? I just had to finish it!

PS. We've had sunshine for the past few days--it's still cold by my standards but sunshine non the less!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dear Glasgow Rain,

I wrote to you last year with regards to your many hours of overtime with such zest for dampness. Your Summer of late is not to be outdone this year. Truly you outdid yourself
and I commend you for your labor. In fact, our Summer was actually non-existent and we felt the spitting rain, gray clouds and more random rain almost daily. Yooou. You got us and not just a teeny weeny bit.

As I think of our Summer approaching, visions of warmth, sunshine and coat-less days are in my dreams (today was even filled with sunshine!). Shall we make a deal? (Please forgive my boorish plan). Are your wet ears listening? I'll rooty toot toot your horn in any rain-fest brag but YOU must hold off until Fall. I'll shake your water on it today. . . I'll do fervent rain dances in your honor and splash with Soren in puddles. I'll even release my frustration of being splashed by a bus on my way to teach a dance class. No, I'll laugh about it and laugh crazily. Can you hear me laughing? Have we got a deal? What was that movie called? Sleepless in . . . what was that rainy city? . . was it Glasgow?

Rain of my life, I truly and gratefully appreciate your time, not only in hydrating this blessed land, but also in reading this letter.

Most graciously,