Sunday, May 25, 2008

before and after

Ta Da!! I cut my hair a about a month ago and never got around to posting about it. I hadn't cut it in a very long time (besides the occasional trim and those were minimal). This is the forth time I've gone from long hair to a really short do so I'm over the nervous phase but I always feel bad for the stylist who cuts my hair because I have tons of it. I know it doesn't look incredibly thick but don't be deceived. I've got loads of hair and when I get it cut I feel so free.

PS. The park I'm at in the last photo is Kelvingrove Park near our flat. Isn't it magical? The pink, red, yellow and orange flowers fill my heart with happiness. I'll have to post more photos so you can see all of the vibrant colors.
This weekend was a marathon of fun. I was part of a dance company that put on a baby rave in Edinburgh for families and tailored for the 0-4 age group called Wee Dance Wee Groove. It was such a party for the whole family and I was so tickled to see moms and dads groovin' to the music with their totally cute kids. Seriously, if you want to smile and be happy, bring your little ones to a mom and tot dance class or dance event. There is just something magical about little rockin kids and parents dancing together without inhibition. I love the sort of work I do. Our company was a perfect mix for the occasion with dancers from an array of backgrounds. We had contemporary dancers, hip hoppers, capoeira dancers, break dancers, a drummer, a DJ and even a wonderful girl from the Netherlands who is a hospital clown for ill children. Our group was eclectic and groovy.

Jason brought Soren to the opening session and he was a delight--so excited and full of energy. I wore a scarf in my hair and that made it really easy for him to always spot me in the crowd. He would run back and forth to me and Jason giving us hugs and soaking up the energy of the crowd and giving it right back. After their time at the dance party, Jason took Soren to the Edinburgh zoo and they had stories to tell me of penguins marching and lemurs and more. . .

We met up after I was through for the day and hung out at a beautiful park before taking the train home. . . And we forgot the camera!! If I get some pictures of the event I'll make sure to post them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Italy Trip Video

Here is a video from our trip.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pisa and More

Pisa is a perfect place to visit when traveling with children and it was only 2 and a half hours by plane from Prestwick! Our flat was in a fantastic location in the old part of the city (photos below) and it was about a 5 minute walk to the Leaning Tower.

A picture from the window of our funky, artsy, bohemian flat.

I heart old Italian streets.

Above is the street where are flat was located (on the 5th floor mind you--we got a workout to say the least). My manly husband did such a good job carrying all of our luggage up those many flights of stairs.

Our kitchen was fun and colorful too. Below are photos of
La Marina di Pisa.

Florence for the day.

Below are photos of the coast of Cecina and Bibbona. We road our bikes through an amazing forest and arrived on the beach. The ride and the arrival were quite wonderful because while on our journey we had tall pine trees for shade and as we arrived at the beach it was so sun filled and kissed with blue skies.

This is what our beach bungalow looked like in Bibbona (below) and we were about 5 minutes walking from the coast. The town was so darling and family oriented with bikes to rent, forests to ride through, parks for kids and tons of great gelaterias. Seriously, we had the most luscious decadent gelato-- from chocolate to cream and strawberry to baci we were in gelato dreamland. Our time at the bungalow was our favorite part of the trip.

This was our first walk on the beach after we arrived and it was just perfect. At 6pm at night the weather was still nice!

I was in pink and peach terracotta heaven.

Looking out the window at the coast while on our train to Cecina I felt as if I could have cried I was so happy. Going to Italy was like coming home for 2 reasons. First, it is so much like California where I grew up with sunshine, flowers, the beach, friendly people and fresh produce. And secondly, because I lived in Italy and it was my home for a while. I love Italy and the Italian way of life (even the fact that just about everything closes from 1 to 4 pm for lunch). They have a great reverence for lunch, digestion and rest. It was also great fun speaking Italian and meeting people from all over. I heart L'Italia!

PS. Stay tuned for some videos!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We're off to Pisa in the morning! I have more to say but not enough time. . .

Check out the songs below by a band called Golden Shoulders. My sister Charla is singing backup and Get Over is one of my favorites (there's also a song by them on our playlist! They're a really cool band that cute April grew up with (so they have to be cool). Enjoy.