Saturday, August 11, 2007

Edinburgh. . .

The bus tour is a great way to see the city! Grandma and Grandpa were cruising!

Castle in Edinburgh

We love all the colors!

PS. This country is castle crazy!


Carol said...

Soren is crackin' me up with his serious little posture there!!! Lovin' the castles.

Stephanie said...

Looks like Grandma and Grandpa are having way to much fun.

Michelle said...

I know the exact place these photos were taken! One day- One day I'll go back. Looks like you had a wonderful time with the family.

emily said...

SOOO jealous!! Jealous of the foreign, charming country.

Jealous that people are wearing JACKETS in the pictures. (Sick of 100+ degrees here!)

Jealous of the charm, the adventure,the fun family time.

I love that you are making the most of your time there!

sun moon rainbow farmer said...

Oh Cammie,
I love your dreamy family blog! I miss you so much. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Elizabeth said...

SO many beautiful photos to catch up with. It sounds like you are having a lovely time with Grandma and Grandpa. I love when people come to visit because I can act like I am on vacation too.

charles said...

I see you trotted down Greyfriars territory. Do you know the story of Greyfriar's Bobby?

Cammie said...

no, don't know the story. Do tell!

charles said...

(**This is adapted from, and is a true story.)

Bobby was a Skye Terrier (dog) who belonged to John Gray, a night watchman for the Edinburgh City Police, and the two were inseparable for approximately two years. On 15 February 1858, Gray died of tuberculosis. He was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard, the graveyard surrounding Greyfriars Kirk in the Old Town of Edinburgh.

Bobby, who survived John Gray by 14 years, is said to have spent the rest of his life sitting on or visiting his master's grave, though animals were not allowed into the cemetery.

In 1867, when it was pointed out that an unowned dog should be destroyed, the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Sir William Chambers (who was also a director of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), paid for a renewal of Bobby's licence, making him the responsibility of the city council. He was given special recognition/permission for his loyalty to his dead master, so he was allowed to go wherever he wanted. During cold winters, he stayed in different houses and was fed by restaurants close to the graveyard.

Bobby died in 1872 and could not be buried within the cemetery itself, since it was consecrated ground. Instead he was buried just inside the gate of Greyfriars Kirkyard, not far from John Gray's grave.

Today, a small statue of Greyfriars Bobby stands in front of a pub, also called Greyfriars Bobby, which is located in front of Greyfriars kirkyard. The statue originally faced toward the graveyard and pub but has since been turned around, allegedly by a previous landlord of the pub so that the pub would appear in the background of the many photographs that are taken each year.

Cammie said...

Charla, guess what. I had heard that story but yours was much more in depth. Soren has a Scottish pop up book with a few lines about it.

thanks for the info.


gian said...

Hey, Maybe you saw Gian's grandma or uncle stephen without even knowing it!!