Friday, December 21, 2007

"Purple hair, purple rain". . . to the music of Prince

So, it isn't really purple anymore but it was and I was so busy I didn't fix it for a week. Warning: if you have blond highlights and want to go brown you may get violet stripes where the light blond was. Luckily, if I wore it in two little buns it wasn't that noticeable and I actually liked it. Don't tell my mom! Shh. (Now it's the color of what you see in the photos-- Jason says it is still purple).

Soren got a haircut too (compliments of me and Jason). We like it longer but I trimmed it and it ended up like a cute little mushroom so we decided to go short for a change. I just love his little round face.

And. . .Ta Dah! The other night one of Soren's friend came over and so we put together our gingerbread house. Second warning: this is probably not the best activity for 2 year olds if you don't like your little one to eat sweeties a lot. We still had a grand old time and Jason did a fabulous job of finishing it but at one point there was the distinct sound of little happy teeth grinding candy that was placed before them for decorating and I panicked. I survived. . . and isn't the house wonderful!


charles said...

we like that second picture of soren. he has little elf ears.

grandma said...

I love the haircut. He's one proud boy. Love you'all.

Stephanie said...

I love his haircut. He looks so cute. Love the gingerbread house too. I like your hair dark. It was nice to get an update from you. It has been a while.

Michelle said...

You look so beautiful as always! And Soren is a cherub those cheeks look edible. I loved what you said about the little happy teeth grinding candy- perfect description for our little cheeky monkeys!

emily said...

He is SUCH a cheesy, happy photo taker!! You look lovely, and the gingerbread house is a winner, too!

Happy Holidays!