Friday, February 08, 2008

Benvenuto a Febraio

The month of Amore

I love people and I love people who show love to other people
I love Jason's guitar time at night while Soren dances
I love Jason and Soren

I love new possibility for the 2008 election

I love the clip of the Kitty Cat Man that Charla just posted on Feb. 4 here (it made me laugh so much)

I love being a woman
I love forgiveness and understanding
I love the all-time-great songs Tender and On and On
I love Bob Dylan's song Ain't talkin (it's like Tom Waits mixed with Johny Cash)
I love dance and communication and expression through movement
I love these words by contemporary dancer Jose Limon:

The human body is the most powerfully expressive meduim their is. Is is quite possible to hide behind paints, clay. . . but the body reveals. When you move you stand revealed for what you are.

I love Soren's new happiness with wearing two diffent socks (reminding me of Punky Brewster)

I love the cartoon version of Robin Hood. I love that when Soren was watching it today he yelled "they love each other!" I love the rooster that sings "sometimes ups out number the downs, but not in Knottingham" (he's so Willy Nelson)

I love the movie The Fountain

And I love this photo

Happy February to all of you lovers out there! What do YOU love today?


emily said...

for starters, i love your list!

I love my baby's smile.

I love cupcakes.

I love joe more than ever.

I love sleep. or the memory thereof.

...Happy post, Cammie. Thx!

Michelle said...

I love you Cammie lou!
I do love that rooster too!
I love good sappy love songs
and like you I love that poem- I think that's why I love running.
I love understanding and forgiveness too.

Carol said...

What an awesome list! Can't wait to come up with my own.

Meaghan said...

I love that Aviendha is starting to walk and she is SO proud of herself.

I love that Jackson is going through a cuddly phase and wants me to hold and cuddle him all the time.

I love that it has been so warm out the last few days that everyone is wearing shorts. It's Feb.!!

Bridget said...

I love you. I love my family. I love the fox Robin hood. I loved kissing Mr. Rogers on TV with you...

Stephanie said...

i love this picture of soren.
i love the temple.
i love my husband and kids.
i love good food and good company.
i love simple things.
i love it when family comes to visit.
just s few things. thanks for this post cammie.

Cammie said...
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Cammie said...

And I love all of you! I love your lists too.

Bridget, he is a handsome fox and I love that we used to kiss Mr. Rogers on the TV too.

Jason said...

I love Cammie and Soren. They are both so sweet and kind. Soren is learning to be so loving, and most of that comes from Cammie. He tickles her face and plays with her hair and says that she is beautiful and that he loves her. He is such a sweet boy, and loves his mom more than anything. I love that.

charles said...

With Cammie:

I love singing the cupcake and the tooth song with you!---from Valentine's 7 years ago!

I loved eating watermelon like 12 years ago and pretending we were throwing it up!

I loved it when you walked me to kindergarten everyday and picked out my outfits for me.

I love the Robin Hood fox, too! (Bridget)

jaredandmatisse said...

I love you and I love the comment Jason made on your blog. SO ROMANTIC!