Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sisters and Smoothies

My sister Charla and I always joke that we're on the same wave length. A few days ago we were chatting and we both wanted to tell each other the type of smoothie we had been making. I went first and told her about my peach, banana smoothie with Greek yogurt. Guess what her's was! Yep--peach, banana smoothie with Greek yogurt!

Here's my recipe:

a lot of Greek yogurt
one peach
one frozen banana
a tablespoon of maple syrup (Charla used honey)
and maybe a half a cup of rice milk (regular milk or whatever you like)

Blend and enjoy!


Bridget said...

We don't have greek yogurt here, but I have been making a similar one with vanilla whole milk yogurt, frozen papaya, frozen banana, and oj. It is perfect too!

Michelle said...

mmmmm...i wish we had some greek yogurt to buy around here. i did just have greek food last night and the yogurt they provided to dip my chicken souvlaki in was so tasty. so, maybe i am also on the same wavelength?

Stephanie said...

what is greek yogurt? Mike and the kids love smoothies.

Cammie said...

Bridget, sounds yummy and tropical.

Michelle, that totally counts--same wave length!

Stephanie, it's like regular yogurt but extra extra creamy and thick!

Karyann said...

that sounds sooo yummy!

Michelle said...

I don't get greek yogurt anymore out here! That sounds wonderful- I love the sister wave length- very cool and strange.

charles said...

seriously, cammie.
i bet we're wearing the same thing right now.

Cammie said...


I'm wearing an orange parachute workout suit and silver hightop Reeboks. What are you wearing?

charles said...

yeah. i was wearing that, too.