Saturday, September 20, 2008

Where do I begin

Emilia and Soren at The University of Glasgow

A few month ago I was missing family and home quite a bit. We are about to begin our 3rd year in Glasgow and I love it but was longing for sunshine and sisters and cousins and parents and family visits for the holidays. . .etc. So, when I heard the big news about my sister Charla moving to The Netherlands I was elated and still am. Feeling totally lucky I was already mentally planning to visit and have her close to us. THEN, another surprise fell from the stars making me the luckiest girl in town! For those of you who don't know my sister Bridget I have big news because she just moved to Glasgow and we live in walking distance from each other. And, she has 4 gorgeous children that are now living here too. Soren is in heaven and we're excited beyond belief. Going to the park with cousins has just quadrupled in fun and Soren is now part of their posse. He is doted on and is learning to go with their flow as they help him along. It's so heartwarming to see them together and he has taken a particular liking to Paris who is almost 5yrs now.

They share his imagination and love natural surroundings as well. Fairies live in the mushrooms and we bring Gruffalo eggs home from walks. Jason and Soren spotted the hot red mushroom (above) at The University of Glasgow campus the other day and had to bring me to see it also. Isn't it unbelievable!? We finally got a picture of it on the way home from church today. Sadly it had been knocked down but we put it back where it had been growing for the photo and added a picture of another enchanting smurf colony. For more mushroom photos check out Bridget's blog. Apples are growing on trees as we walk by and we picked four for the road. The beginnings of Fall are so wonderful here and with short days coming I'm getting ready to go inward physically and mentally (out of necessity).

I have so much to catch up on with my blog and I feel a bit overwhelmed. I'm 7 months along with my pregnancy and feeling healthy. More posts are coming. . . xo


Stephanie said...

I love the pictures. That is great to have to much family there. The holidays will be a wonderful time for you.

Meaghan said...

That is so AWESOME! I'm so happy for you and your family!

Gian and Andrea said...

um this is gian wondering about going to school there in the UK. i have lots of questions. how could we chat? i have a gmail email account called gianpietro . maybe we could talk.

Cammie said...

Gian-- we have gmail too so I'll add you to our contacts. That's so exciting. We look forward to chatting with you.

Carol said...

those mushrooms are completely "enchanting"!

but what the heck????? your sister moved there???? isn't she the one from Provo? That is so great for you, now your gonna want to stay even longer...

Glad your feeling good...we need a good belly shot, k.

jaredandmatisse said...

How amazing!!! My brother moved to Connecticut and I thought that was the luckiest girl, but you have a sister so close with great kids! That is outstanding. I am so happy for you!!!

charles said...

We want some Gruffalo eggs.

charles said...

Yes, I do believe we plucked our baby smurf out from that very colony.

theleguis said...

how awesome to have bridget there with you. Now I am jealous of both of you but then multiplied exponentially because you are getting to go thru it together. so cool. what fun times you will have. and congrats on the baby. very fun stuff!

Daniel said...

Hi Cammie! It's been a long time. I am very content that you've found the happiness of marriage and family (not that I had any doubt you would!). I always thought highly of you. I've enjoyed perusing your blog. It's funny, I remember thinking your eating habits were kind of bizarre and now I'm beginning to see the light. I am by no means a vegetarian, BUT in addition to a very regimented diet and exercise program, I have taken up more raw foods and drink a green smoothie daily! I thought you might be proud to hear that. (:

Well, I wish you all the best and spero che parli l'italiano un po ancora. Sai che parlo con Antonio Arena di Palermo ancora? Lui e' President del Distretto di Sicila! La cosa piu' profondo di questo fatto e' che ricordo perfettamente la mattina griga (grey?) in cui gli ho contatto per strada.

A presto!


PS- My wife, Sarah, loves the name Camille and if we have another girl we think she'll be Cammie.

Daniel said...

Oh yeah, be careful of those read 'shrooms:

Amanitas are the reason why there are no old, bold mushroom hunters. Several members of this group contain amanitin, one of the deadliest poisons found in nature. One cap of a Destroying Angel (Amanita virosa) can kill a man.

An amanita starts as an egg-shaped button which can resemble a small puffball. This breaks open as the mushroom grows. Fully developed amanitas are gilled mushrooms with parasol-shaped caps that may be white, yellow, red or brown. They also have the following characteristics:

A saclike cup surrounding the base of the stem. This often is buried just beneath the soil surface and may not be obvious.
A ring on the stem.
White gills.
A white spore print (see page 12).