Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Little bits and pieces of my life from the past two weeks

Beautiful things we see outside our windows every once in a while. . .

Last weeks obsession: Portuguese Custard Tarts

Conversations of a mom and her boy:

Soren: Little sweet girl's up.
Mom: How do you know she's up?
Soren: Because I'm a great learner?
Mom: Did you go back in my room (where she is sleeping)?
Soren: yes, I had to wash my hands.

He went through the master bedroom where dahlia is sleeping to the master bathroom instead of using his own bathroom. . . but he sure is cute. I really don't know if he really woke her up or if she woke up on her own . . . and I love my little dude.

They have story time at his nursery where they not only tell the wee ones stories but the wee ones can tell their own stories as well. Soren apparently loves this part of the day (according to one of his teachers, he thrives). She told Jason when he was picking Soren up about his story. He told the class that he went to the Ayrshire Farm Park (majorly fun park by the way) and saw camels and monkeys and ate french fries and drank hot chocolate and then came home and threw up in the bathtub. All of this is true. Great story, eh?

I'm dreaming of everything today. . .I mean EVERYTHING. . .shabby-chic, bright accents, little birds! I want skirts and hats and drapes with ruffles and no ruffles . . . and I'm still dreaming of Hawaii.

Dahlia is my angel.

Today we went out to the lovely green fields behind our flat and got to breath the cool brisk air. Dahlia likes to sit up while in her buggy which is rather hard for her because it is a laying down buggy (refer to photos below and you can see her sitting up). She's got a tough tummy and doesn't want to miss a thing lying down, thank you.

My trusty clogs that I shall never part with. I'm going to have them resoled sometime soon:

Last weeks snowman. He's gone. Only a carrot is left on the grass.

La foto di growling:

The work of my new little photographer Sorentino (aka soren):

And finally, my favorite pumpkin and strawberry heads together.


emily said...

oh, i ADORE these bits and pieces! You have a cozy, delightful little universe right now.... I am so happy that you recognize it and snap photos of it...

You are remarkable!

Carol said...

ahhhh....such fun days that go by WAY too fast. they're something about this time, that's so simple with just you and your 2 little babies. I miss those days and sometimes long for them.

BTW...i see that cute little stripey outfit poking out. that will simply NOT do. I need a full scale modeling please :)

Carol said...

oh my gosh...just realized my major mistake on the use of they're. What was i thinking! major pet peeve of mine....not using those properly. please excuse my stupidity!

So there!

Cammie said...

Carol, I was totally think of emailing you a photo today. . .it's coming I promise! I absolutely love it!! You know my style. . .and I didn't even notice the mistake. So double there.

charles said...

I love that b&w photo of you and the kids! You are so beautiful. I'm missing skirts and dresses, too.

I love that photo of Soren in the kitchen. He is growing up so tall.

I love that photo of Dahlia trying to sit up in the buggy! Precious.

I can't believe it is snowing there still!

What are Portuguese Custard Tarts (I just wrote "taards")?

Bridget said...

I know- Portuguese tarts? Have you been holding out on me? I love the BW photo. You are beautiful. xo

Stephanie said...

love all the photos. thanks for sharing them.

jaredandmatisse said...

Soren is so entertaining. How do you dare sleep when you might miss something? Your little "Dolly" is an angel.

Michelle said...

she's so big already! what an amazing sunset. i miss sunsets so much. the mountains always block them here.

Anonymous said...

Your baby is wounderful! dad

Meaghan said...

Beautiful pictures! Soren is getting so big. Your sweet little girl is so cute! I love her buggy.

Elizabeth said...

Your welcome to stay with us anytime!

Michelle said...

I loved this post- perfectly you and the pictures are so beautiful of you and your little ones. Soren is getting so tall and I loved hearing about his story time, what a great idea! What a very sweet time in your life. I take it for granted and then remember to try and savor it more often.