Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where is my mind?

So I've been wanting skinny jeans FOREVER and was just thinking about it. Then, I remembered that I DO have some! Here's the story: right when I got pregnant with Dahlia I took some jeans to the tailor to be made into skinny jeans and it took forever for her to finish them (and the other stuff I brought for that matter) and by the time I got them back I was a big lady. Anyway, they went in a dresser and I forgot about them. I thought about them right before Dahlia was born but then forgot again. Well, yesterday I remembered I had them and it was like Christmas. I tried them on and they were perfect. I felt like a new woman!. . .but, umm, how do you forget you already have jeans that you've always wanted?

Moving on. . .

At night Jason and I take turns putting Dahlia to bed and singing to her. Jason sings Tom Waits and the Avette Brothers and she's a happy clam. Some of my songs and noises include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (it was her favorite for about a month), Italian hymns, train sounds and saying mama and random things in a sweet high voice. Yesterday . . .the song that came out was even a shocker to me. And no, it wasn't "where is my mind" by the Pixies. The title was referring to the first half of the post but I'll give you a hint: "Shot through the heart and you're to blame. . . " Yep, Il John Francis Bongiovi, the Jovster, The Great Bon Jovi! He's Rad with a Capital R. So, stay cool. Have an awesome summer. It was fun talking with you in Science class. K.I.T.



PS. I love your senior picture!

PPS. Words of Wisdom by Soren: "Mom, when I eat a sweetie it makes me feel like eating another sweetie. . .Mom, can I have another sweetie?"--I love the honesty.


Vikki Miller said...

I had to comment on this... totally.

Once I woke up singing that very same Bon Jovi song. Shot through the heart and you're to blame... ooooo... you give love a bad name.


I feel like we are now connected on some kind of Bon Jovi plain.

love xxx

charles said...

That song was in my head all day yesterday. cause i looked at your blog!

p.s. there's a car with New Jersey license plates in Savannah, GA that says "BON JOVI". I took a photo of it for you in 2006, but now I don't know where that photo is.

Seniors Rock! Life's a Beach.

Jason said...


Gian and Andrea said...

One sweetie makes us all want another sweetie.


Bon Jovi, ...so DREAMY