Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Today while Jason was at the library and I couldn't get in touch with him I thought of a question that I would ask him when he got home.

Me: Babe, I thought of a question that I wanted to ask you while you were away and I couldn't get a hold of you because you weren't online.

J: really, what is it?

Me: Who do you think you are? (with a cheeky smile)

J: I really don't know. ... I mean, am I only a genuine self in relating to God, as Kierkegaard said, ... or is there no independent and permanent self but only a flow of processes that I mistake for my self, as the Buddha taught?

I got served.


David T. Macknet said...

Ahh, yes, you certainly did. ;)

Cammie said...

. . . and he was answering in honesty. I love him.

David T. Macknet said...

Of course he was! He's a philosopher! We don't answer dishonestly, if we can help it (although, sometimes a shorter answer might be warranted). :)

charles said...

i've been making waaay too much food for just us these past few days... wish you were here to eat it with us and make me laugh!!!!

Cammie said...

You're right David! I just thought I'd specify that he was his genuine self in the conversation because I thought some might have read some sarcasm into it. . .btw, I took Soren to a fantastic creative dance class at the Arlington Baths. We never made it to the pool but his teacher was wonderful. Her name is Rosina Bonsu and she also offers other classes (Yoga included). If you run into her and take a class tell her hello from me!

Charla, I miss you!

David T. Macknet said...

Will do! Although, we're usually there at 7 a.m., so don't run into anybody much other than the same 6 old people. :)