Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friends in Provo

We love going to Provo because we love the people we know there. Here are some of the cool cats that we got to see at Bridget's house while we were home for the holidays.

Nikki and Cameron

Bridget and Sherisa


Andrea, Gian and Jason

Jared, Michelle and baby Ocean

Emily and Richard

So, I didn't get photos of everyone we saw ( and I'm sorry for that). We were also graced with Ryan, Brittany and Grant. Thanks everyone for the deep discussions on The Golden Compass, Depock Chopra, and the men's restroom.


charles said...

one cool cat attracts others.

Stephanie said...

what a fun get together.

Bridget said...

Thanks for having it! That was our last fun get-together!

Michelle said...

So wonderful! I love Bridget's home- and would have loved to be there!

Cammie said...

I wish you were there too!