Tuesday, January 29, 2008

(Charla avoiding the paparazzi -Francie)

Happy Birthday Charla!!!

Little Charla, we love you so much and are so lucky to have you as our beautiful, talented and always loving little sister. Here are some things we love about her:

she sings like an angel (sang backup for Golden Shoulders) and sings opera
has a heart filled with love, cuddles and giggles
makes wonderful documentaries (has a Master's in film) with an impeccable artistic taste

has an ultra cool fashion sense
has serious groove on the dance floor

is always ready for discussions on humanity, politics, art and the world
is an amazing aunt to her nieces and nephews and loves little children and they love her
when she was born her heart stopped beating (she was 8 weeks early)--she is our miracle
AND she is the best little sister EVER!

She will always be our little Charla and the baby of the family that we love and think is amazing!

Your family


Michelle said...

Happy birthday to Charla- I remember the anticipation of her turning 21 so she could go to ALL concerts! I agree with all that you expressed Cammie, she is a wonderful person and friend.

Jason said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Charlita dear! May happy days come to you all year.

charles said...

Thank you! Love you! Miss you!!

Bridget said...

Happy Bday to Charla shoe. You were my first baby! I sometimes call both my daughters by Charla! I love you!

Megan and Vinny said...

i remember when charla was born... wait- is that possible? i might be making that up. but i do adore charla and think that she is marvelous and has the prettiest voice i have ever heard.

SummerChild said...

hooray for charla in the world!