Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dear Glasgow Rain,

I wrote to you last year with regards to your many hours of overtime with such zest for dampness. Your Summer of late is not to be outdone this year. Truly you outdid yourself
and I commend you for your labor. In fact, our Summer was actually non-existent and we felt the spitting rain, gray clouds and more random rain almost daily. Yooou. You got us and not just a teeny weeny bit.

As I think of our Summer approaching, visions of warmth, sunshine and coat-less days are in my dreams (today was even filled with sunshine!). Shall we make a deal? (Please forgive my boorish plan). Are your wet ears listening? I'll rooty toot toot your horn in any rain-fest brag but YOU must hold off until Fall. I'll shake your water on it today. . . I'll do fervent rain dances in your honor and splash with Soren in puddles. I'll even release my frustration of being splashed by a bus on my way to teach a dance class. No, I'll laugh about it and laugh crazily. Can you hear me laughing? Have we got a deal? What was that movie called? Sleepless in . . . what was that rainy city? . . was it Glasgow?

Rain of my life, I truly and gratefully appreciate your time, not only in hydrating this blessed land, but also in reading this letter.

Most graciously,



emily said...

Love it! I hope Rain is listening. You deserve his respect after such a nicely-written letter.


emily said...

Oh Cammie-- you don't want to know my secret... because it involves sunshine. *sniff* Oh, the bitter irony!!

(seriously, though-- all pics taken RIGHT next to a sunny window... then photoshop to pop the color and contrast a bit more. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how nice a digital camera is--and mine is pretty nice-- all digital photos need some post-processing to match the beauty of film... Just my opinion. So i do a bit of work on every photo.) Have a lovely Conference Weekend!!

Cammie said...

I have a Holga camera but haven't bought film here yet. Do you ever use a Holga--They need a lot of sun? . . we do get bit sun here but it goes away REALLY fast most of the time and it's still usually chilly and cold. (we have 4 seasons in a day a lot). They say that Summers can be really nice but I have yet to experience that. Last year was so sad for a California girl. I've just got to be quick with the photo taking! Your bright colors make me happy and inspire me to try and get few as treasures.

Cammie said...

. . . maybe two weeks ago the weather was so crazy one day. It went from sunshine to snow!!!! OH, and that question mark in my first comment was not suppose to be there. oopsy.

Michelle said...

You are too clever!!YOOOU! I really do know how you feel- really. I think if I had to stay in Buffalo one more year I would have to be on some kind of medication. I remember my old Scottish friend telling me about summer sun and how the hospitals would fill up during those sun filled days. Too many happy Scots frolicking in the sun with pasty skin- happy to know that it was all worth the second degree burns. I so hope you can rough it out- it does seem to make time sluggish and still. Love You Cammie!

Stephanie said...

I like the rain but enough is enough. I hope you can get some sunny days.

Bridget said...

I am ready to write a hate letter to the Provo weather. Where is spring. We had a short blizzard today- it all melted, but it so cold! I miss you.

Rain Rain go away
come again another day
little Soren wants to play

Hoopes Home said...

Since we lost touch I feel weird I have no idea how you made it to europe????? i would love to be filled in sometime. I love your posts. Your 2 men are cuter than cute! I miss you