Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Francie

from the left: me, Charla, Bridget, and Francie

Today is my sister Francie's Birthday. She's a giving beauty queen and so much fun to be with. When I was in junior high I remember being so happy when she'd pick me up from activities so that my friends could see how cool she was. Her creativity was always useful and one time she made up a song about strapping in when we were in the car. It was to the tune of the "sine off" commercial--that one for sinus problems with the people in military uniforms (anyone remember it?). Well, her rendition totally worked.

Bridget and I use to sneak downstairs while she was at school and play with her Barbies. When she got home we'd hide under the stairs and she'd always find us and know what we'd been up to.

One year on a family vacation to Canada we were in the back of the camper and to pass the time we had mock cheerleader tryouts. Francie's impression of the wannabes were the best! She came up with the funniest characters and they still keep me laughing. Oh, and I almost forgot her Popeye, Yoda and dog impressions that are seriously awesome!

Now that we're all growing up she's still the giving tree and we love her endlessly!


Stephanie said...

What a fun picture.

charles said...

Good luck, Francie, on your tennis match! Francie 4-eva!

Hoopes Home said...

What a great picture! You are the most beautiful girls.

Bridget said...

I loved her Mickey Mouse voice too- remember that "Mickey" would answer our phone?