Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Highlands

Last week we took a trip to the Highlands of Scotland to see Loch Ness (and search for the monster), Inverary, and some other beautiful places. We decided it would be our anniversary present to each other (photos on that topic coming). Our time was well spent as we basked in the green fields, got a bit of sun, and made some wonderful friends along the way. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to look at a sea of emeralds then come to Scotland. Your eyes will not be disappointed with the many layers of green in elegant shades upon shades that make your heart calmed and grateful.

We went with a group of international students from Glasgow University and their families. Our group was truly international with some of the homelands including Kuwait, Taiwan, Japan, the US, Africa and more. The families were so friendly and kind!

One unfortunate event during our travels was that our camera stopped working. Yes, our brand new camera that did everything we wanted. We did manage to take some photos from the first half of the trip so here they are. . . .


charles said...

'bout time
'bout time
you got around to more important things, like sha-RING time!
and pickin' out the perfect photographs
for you
for me
for us
for we!

I love the Loch Ness...but please go to Loch Lomond! do it for your little sister.
p.s. Jason looks like a real Scotsman these days.

Cammie said...

He's the real deal.

Brit said...

Inverness is one of my favorite towns in the UK! So cute. Now you have to go see the worst movie ever made, "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep."

Stephanie said...

I see that Soren likes sticks just like Benny. I can't believe how big he is getting. What a beautiful trip. I will have to tell the kids about the Loch Ness, they will want to come for sure now.
Happy Anniversary. I hope you can get your camera fixed.

Meaghan said...

It looks so beautiful! I love the picture of Jason and Soren.