Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kobra Najjar

I was just reading a post from fmh and wanted to alert anyone who didn't know this story.

Please go here to help Kobra Najjar. She is sentenced to death by stoning. The link explains her horrible situation and what you can do to help stop this.


Stephanie said...

that is horrible. thanks for the link. i didn't know they still stoned people. i think of that in bible times. that is really sad.

charles said...

Thanks, Cam. I sent my (rather forcefully-worded) e-mails and tried to call the embassy, but they were closed and there was no messsage-leaving option. There are so many injustices done to women--because of gender alone. Ridiculous.

Jason said...

That is such a horrible situation. Stoning is in itself a horrific punishment, but especially for someone who was forced by her husband into the situations that she is being punished for.

Hopefully enough people will write in to stop this.