Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flowers, Family, Feet and Food

Last Saturday we went to the Botanic Gardens and then took a short walk to our new flat! It's so close to everything and I think my life as a walking everywhere mom has just improved. When I go to the gardens I feel so happy. All the colors, petals and lush green give me serenity and the warmth in the greenhouses is mmmmm, yummy. And just to keep it real, we had a couple of kinks at the start of the day. I stopped to look in my favorite charity shop and got separated from Jason and the kiddos. I thought he was walking ahead to the gardens and he was waiting nearby on a side road. We eventually found each other. . .

Red Angel Trumpets

Little Dahlias-- (I had bright red dahlias in my wedding bouquet which became the inspiration for our sweet Dahlia's name). There are so many beautiful kinds of Dahlias and I love how the petals are overflowing and bursting with life. Below are some other Dahlias I found online. The first one has an amazing design.

Camellias --The flowers that I was named after

We also spent some time in the children's garden where they grow fruits and vegetables that the kids can pick at. Soren is always drawn to the fresh chives that are growing. He's love to eat them and come home with chive breath!

Soren took this of me while I as standing on my head. He's getting pretty good with his photo skills.

One time Jason and I were at a whole foods market and they were selling roasted vegetables so we tried them. Jason decided he could make them and make them better. Well, he did and his recipe is AMAZING! If you'd like it just let me know. I've since learned how to make them and they're actually easy!

I made this cake for Soren's nursery school. It's a vanilla cake and instead of using regular milk I used vanilla rice dream. I think it made it even tastier. I have this obsession with bunt cakes and was lost without mine when we moved here. Last October Bridget got me this one for my Birthday!

Finally, here is Soren doing his iceskating move on his buggy board. Such a great invention. He can hop on and off whenever he wants to.


Stephanie said...

I love all the flowers, they are so pretty. The kids are getting so big. Glad you had fun at the gardens. When do you move into your new flat?? So happy you will be closer to everything.

Michelle said...

I didn't know you were named after a flower! How perfect that you have your Dahlia! I LOVE roasted veggies, especially butternut squash, you ought to post the combo you have pictured.

Cammie said...

Hi Michelle, Here's the story--So my dad said he and my mom were walking by some Camellias and my dad said "wouldn't it be nice to name our baby after these". . .in the end they called me Camille so maybe they were more of an inspiration for my name. . . .funny thing is I didn't know that story until maybe after I was married.

And stay tuned for a post on the veggies!

Gian and Andrea said...

roasted veggie recipe... yes, please!

Meaghan said...

I love all your pictures. The flowers are so beautiful! It looks like you guys had so much fun. It's so sweet that you and Dahlia have flower names. Aviendha kind of does...her middle name is a Japanese flower.

charles said...

Soren's little pose in that last photo is great.

Dahlia is looking more like her dada, too!

Megan and Vinny said...

your little family is perfect! such sweet little angels... how i miss you.

theleguis said...

Dahlias are awesome. I love the name also. its so pretty
i want the roasted veggies recipe.
congrats on the move. how fun to be close to everything. I dream of living ina city and being close to all sorts of cool things and getting out of the car! I want to live without a car someday.