Saturday, August 08, 2009

I love Italian culture and here are a few reasons why. I was just reading my sister's post about their trip to Sardinia. I've never been to Sardinia but Italy is pretty much gorgeous wherever you go and the people are so friendly. . .anyway, she posted about trying to find a good camping site for their trip. I called for her and it wasn't the number we had expected but I asked the guy on the phone if he new any good camping places and so he said, "hold on" and asked his friend. They gave us a number to call and in the end it was just what Bridget was looking for and they ended up staying there. They're just cool like that :O). This experience took me back about 10 years to when I lived in a town called Foggia. I was with a friend in bad traffic--bumper to bumper--and someone ahead of us decides he wants to get out of it and go the opposite way. So, there is some signaling and talking and honking (friendly) and cars start to back up in this bumper to bumper traffic!! There's no way would that happen in many other places. I loved it and was completely surprised. It was like a living Mentos commercial.

My friend Laura from Italy is back in Pescara with her family for the Summer and I miss her. We don't get to see each other as much now that we both have two kids but I just love her. Our friendship isn't based on how alike we are but on appreciating each others opinions and enjoying each others company.

I have all of these posts going through my mind that I'd like to write about but I feel like there is never enough time. . .I will get caught up though. My wonderful Grandma turned 90 and my sisters came to town! We were all together for a week of fun and craziness with 9 cousins all together for the first time since Dahlia and Dries were born.

Stay tuned. . .

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Gian and Andrea said...

those are great stories.. i'm excited for more.