Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Grandma turned 90 at the end of July! I've been putting together a photo album for her and the photos that all of the family has sent me are just wonderful and I feel so honored that she is my Grandma. I wanted to post a few of my favorites. She grew up in San Francisco and then moved to New York with my Grandpa to raise her family. The photo below is of my Grandma and Grandpa with my Dad on the "stoop" in front of their home.

Below is a photo of my Grandma in Cairo. She was a fulbright Scholar in Beirut and this was a side trip she took. I just love this photo. She looks so glamorous.

The last photo is of my Grandma in Vista, California where she lives now. Her home is so lovely and surrounded by orange trees, flowers and other wonderful fruits. I'm so glad I was raised in southern California. I loved taking Soren to her house to frolic through all of the trees and colorful scenery before we moved to Scotland. I remember him wanting her to lead him around and we could tell he knew she was the lady of the house. It was so sweet.

Happy Birthday Grandma!


Gian and Andrea said...

oh she does look glamorous! I love old photos. They feel so magical.

Stephanie said...

the love the old photos too. what a great tribute.

charles said...

Oh Grandma! She is so smart and thoughtful. I loved making "bouquets" from her roses when I was little. I wish Dries knew her, too!

Megan and Vinny said...

happy birthday grandma! i guess that the love of foreign travel in your genes!