Friday, March 18, 2011

Le foto and Tangerine Art

My little Soren turned 6 last week! He also received the Character Award in a school assembly this week for tolerance and acceptance. I love being his mom. Watching my little kindergartner go up to get his award was seriously the best.

Here is my little French darling.

She loves butter. I think she's inherited this from her aunt Francie. . . and sometimes I find these little bites out of it.

When she lets me do her hair I'm so happy. Sometimes she's more willing to let her DAD do her hair than she is with letting me!

I was pretty excited to catch S in this pose because he LOVED seeing what he looked like in a handstand.

Food Art: Lesson Plan by S. I was eating a tangerine a while back and it sparked great enthusiasm in my son. I had to go with it and these are our creations. Only the paper isn't eatable and we used honey for glue. Our work didn't last very long but I loved the concept. I always play it safe and do what I know I can when it comes to visual arts (hence, the flower). Soren, on the other hand, can really reach for the stars. He told me what he wanted to make and I was a little sceptical. . . .Boy was I wrong! Check out his Eagle Going After a Rabbit Behind a Rock!!!

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Megan and Vinny said...


such amazing kids. they look so much like you cammie, it blows me aways. they are lovely and growing up so fast. i love the artwork - your flower is wonderful and soren's is amazing :)

i'd love to catch up, and since you aren't on fb anymore here is my new email: vinnys girl78 @ gmail. com (no spaces). it is the only one i really check anymore. please drop me a line with your email address so that we can keep in better touch. i miss you so.


Vikki Miller said...

Dahlia is growing up into a little lady so quickly. She is so lovely and cute.

Soren is so imaginative and so so intelligent. I miss you and your cute cute kids. xxxxxxx

Carol said...

it's such a proud mommy moment to see your kids out on there own, accepting awards and always brings a little tear to my eye ;) Dahlia is getting SOOO big. I love her!

charles said...

wowee!! i love them so much! dahlia is so adorable and so much bigger than last time i saw her... i think soren is a blossoming artist.

Brynn said...

hello huge blue eyes and gorgeous blonde hair! I love the tangerine art. you are such a fun mama.

Stephanie said...

The kids look so grown up. I hope that Soren had a happy birthday. I can't believe that he is 6 now and Dahlia looks like a little lady. I hope that things are going well for you. I do remember a story about Jason eating butter like that. I think it runs in our family too.