Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jason posted his comments and video link on his FB page and I think it is worth posting here too. It's very difficult for me to understand why the GOP is so ready to quote her "philosophies" and give such high esteem to her lack of humanity. Isn't the GOP the party with "morals"?. . .Interesting:

It is hard to imagine a more socially and morally destructive way of thinking than that altruism is evil; that the poor, disabled and weak are not worthy of love and should be left to die to make society stronger; and, that there is no higher virtue than selfishness.


David T. Macknet said...

The truth about Ayn Rand? Oh, my. Could be said in a very short sentence, but I'm sure that sentence wouldn't be PG appropriate!

Cammie said...

One word: wrong