Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quotes by S

Scene: S and D playing with play dough before church. Soren made a pig and yelled, "Get your pig! Your baby beef pig!"

Scene: A loud Sunday afternoon, the kids are playing and D poured water on the carpet. S comes in and says, "D literally dumped it on the floor." (keep in mind he has just finish kindergarten).

Scene: We are in the car on our way to a barbeque in Alpine. The mountains are so close and lovely and S says, "next year for my Birthday when I'm sixty six I want to have my Birthday in the mountains".

Scene: S and his dad were on a walk and S began to whistle. Then he said, "look! I'm communicating with the birds!"

Scene: S and I have a little chat. I ask "when you're all grown up if have little boy of your own what do you think you'll name him?" Soren reply's "Thunder". What do you think you'll name a little girl?" I ask. He quickly said "Rose".

...He's awesome.


***megan*** said...

he's so awesome!!! i love that he can communicate with birds.

Carol said...

that's awesome ;)

The Lingo Family said...

I love him!!! Kids come up with some pretty genius thoughts sometimes. I love that he knows how to communicate with the birds. :)

Jason said...

Soren and I were talking about how names have different meanings the other day. He knows his name is a variant of Thor and means God of War or God of Thunder. 'If I have a little boy, I want to name him Godsmack', he said, 'because it means someone who smacks the gods.'

charles said...

Thunder and Rose. I literally love it.