Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finally a Post!!!!

We have been in Scotland for almost 6 months now and things are going well. It's still rainy with occasional sun that keeps us going. Pat and Jim (Jason's parents) will be coming in August for 2 weeks and we will be going to Paris for a few days. Hopefully my dad will be coming to visit in July sometime, as well. Soren loves seeing his grandparents and it seems that he is entertained 24-7.

We live about 5-10 min. from two wonderful museums--the Kelvingrove Museum and the Museum of Transport. Soren loves both! Everyday at the Kelvingrove Museum they have live organ music and it is so lovely! The first time I heard it I was not expecting it and I got a bit choked up.

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Michelle said...

I've gone backwards here, again- I am so glad you started a blog, now we can keep in touch in a more fun way. I am still so envious that you are in Scotland!