Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rehearsal with Soren

We've been having a lot of fun with our photos, manipulating color and all that jazz. Soren is making "music" with a tin race car right now. That is his favorite thing to say when he is making loud noises. Yesterday we had rehearsal together for the first time and Soren was such a joy in class. His excitement was delightful and he loved practicing his dance steps. He has this really deep laugh when he is overjoyed with something and it is so wonderful to hear. Before it was his turn to dance he kept wanting to run out and get down with the big kids. The piece is becoming more and more meaningful with each rehearsal. It will be in honor of refugee week here in Glasgow and many of the participants are asylum seekers with difficult situations. I have met some truly beautiful women. The children involved are so cute and committed and I'm so glad we can be a part of this performance. Some of the vocal parts with the movement will be very moving because of the nature of their experiences here. Themes of feeling alone, separated, rejected, yet hopeful and enduring will be felt.


charles said...
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charles said...

silence! tug of hair.
tickle me, mommy.
gentle as an acorn.
sweet like the tumbling of cherry blossoms.
read! tickle! play!
now silence. now sleep.

Michelle said...

How lucky are you to be involved with that! Not surprising at all! And I love the photo manipulation-very cool.

Melody said...

How awesome to hear from you and to read your blog!! You guys are doing such exciting things! I can't believe that just a few years ago we were all in Provo wondering where life was going to take us, and now look at us!!
I can't wait to read your future posts. I think it's so great that you are dancing and it's such a shame that I never had a chance to watch you dance when we lived close. I'll look forward to your film.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cammie, SO fun to find your blog. (from Michelle's) She found mine totally randomly. You look so beautiful and your little guy is so adorable. Fun to catch up with you!

Cindy said...

Yeah! So glad you have a blog. It'll be fun to see your adventures in Scotland!