Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting Well

We had a rough few days but things are looking up. We knew Soren wasn't well when became permanently grouchy after his nap the other day. He had a fever and then got the stomach flew. That led to a sore throat and he may be coming down with a mild case of Chickenpox! He was in contact with two different friends before we new that they had the chickenpox. We'll keep you posted. . . He has been well all day today and only wanted the cheese on his pizzetta and some Brussels sprouts for dinner! Yep, Brussels sprouts. He's our champ eater.

We've been really happy with the health care here and that may be the subject of a future post.


Michelle said...

sweet boy! Rose used to love vegetables till she started eating at preschool- I think it was all the kids who wouldn't eat them. Devon and I always are talking about socialized medicine and how there is no reason why the U.S. can't adopt a version of their own- and just to please everyone say it's not socialized medicine. I can go on forever about this but I wont- I'll be waiting for your future post!

Steph said...

I hope he feels better soon.

Cammie said...

Thanks Stephanie,

He is much better now and didn't get the chickenpox--just a nasty virus that is gone now.

Cammie said...


A girl after my own heart. I can go on and on about socialized health care as well. I get so frustrated. I promise a post is coming soon. Jason and I are working on it.

charles said...

He is such a dreamy boy.