Thursday, June 14, 2007


With our camera and a new haircut (that he did on his own), Jason was off to Austria for 4 days. There was a conference where he presented a paper on poverty alleviation according to Buddhist scripture. Such a babe!

He brought home Austrian truffles to die for!


Steph said...

Fabulous new haircut and beautiful sights.

Michelle said...

WoW! How interesting- I thought I remember, correct me if I'm wrong, that your husband had a masters in Education? Either way that would be sooo interesting, it must make for interesting conversation. Cammie you and Charla are the best! You have always been such a great friend. You should do a list sometime- it's always interesting to learn more about your friends and it's cathartic too! I love ya!

Carol said...

Nice to be such world travelers eh! I will not even try to comprehend what Jason is studying!

This is such a great time in your lives, soak it up!

charles said...

As the truffles melt on my tongue
The delicate sounds
Make my hair (with the new cut) stand on end
For that which I eat, I am.
Don't force the movement
Of swirling digestive juices in the mouth.
It's truffle time.

Elizabeth said...

What a great weekend trip. Sorry you couldn't go with him. I am sure the truffles made up for it a little.

Cammie M said...

michelle, Jason did his Master's in public administration and his BA in philosophy. He is great for conversation and he is so not full of himself--really humble.

Jason said...

Thanks, Cammie. The conference was really good. I got to meet a few leading scholars, and present my paper. Austria is a pretty place. The landscape looks a lot like Midway, Utah. There wasn't much time to see any sights, but I did go out on a tour the last day. It would have been a lot more fun with the whole family.