Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yes, I could live in Utah. There, I said it!

I just came home for a quick trip and it was so wonderful to see my family that I love sooooo much. All of my sisters were there and my brother too! Bridget's garden has become the "Secret Garden" with lush flowers and herbs growing with life. As a California girl, Utah has become my second home and at first I really didn't appreciate the natural beauty and community charm. With time and also having moved back to California for a while, I've realized that I really love it and miss it. . . and yes, I would love to raise my family there. It's not the only place I'd like to live, of course, but it is a good one and I'm realizing that more and more these days. It is good to go away from places for a good while and return with new perspectives and different understandings. Bridget has just moved back to Provo and being at her house was like coming home for a while. If the store Anthropologie were a woman or if they had a woman that embodied their fashion and shabby chic feel it would be Bridget. She has been selling her luscious foods at the Farmer's Market and her blackberry tarts are a must! If you know Bridget, you'll know what I'm talking about. Jason has always loved Utah and likes the thought of moving back there some day as well. Michelle is right, there is this weird love-hate relationship with Provo ( but like she said " not really that dramatic" ) and I'm feeling the love- ha ha. It also helps to know that we have family there on both sides and living far away has helped me to appreciate that.

Posted are some photos of my sisters' children.
Our nieces and nephews on both sides of the family are so beautiful and sweet and I'd love for Soren to spend time with them! On the Monson side he has 2 cousins just about his age! I'm missing my family!


Michelle said...

Does Bridget live in Provo, i thought they had moved! Are they back? I'm from Provo and wish in some ways I could move back, Devon on the other hand will be difficult to convince-Provo is one of those enigmas- it's a thin line between love and hate (not really that extreme though)- always so good to hear from you!l

charles said...

I don't think I could live in Provo again... (Unless my whole family lived there and I could take 4 nice vacations a year.)

Melody said...

I just got back from Utah too. I had a totally cathardic time driving up Hobble Creek Canyon and soaking in those mountains that I have missed so much. There really is something about Utah that I don't get anywhere else. I want to go back too. Home sweet home, and I didn't even grow up there.

Cammie said...

Me neither, I'm a California girl but I love Provo and Salt Lake!