Sunday, July 15, 2007

More of Oban and The Isle of Mull

Lush gardens at the Castle were fun to travel through

Highland Cows are so great and we saw beautiful sheep too!

This was the view from our room--what a wonderful site to see right when we walk out the door as well.

We took this novelty train to the castle and is was so cute and fun for the kids--it went about 5 miles per hour but our trip was only a few miles. Soren had a cute little friend during the trip named Elody and they looked out for each other and had a funny little inside joke that they laughed about on the ferry.


Michelle said...

Cammie How are you? I'm pretty sure I've been to Oban. So pretty. Hope you are having a nice summer!

Jason said...

This was the best little family vacation. Soren was such a good little boy on the whole trip. I loved to be able to study in Scotland with my family and see some of the areas that my ancestors came from.

Cammie said...

Hey Michelle, we need to catch up! I'm going to send you and email this weekend! I hope you are enjoying your vacation.