Monday, July 02, 2007

Sincerely, Camille

Dear Glasgow Rain,

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful water that you give us. I greatly appreciate such lush and beautiful surroundings all day. Flowers, moss, grass and anything else that is green and grows fill our hearts and shine like emeralds for our eyes. Because of you I now know for sure that I need a striped pair of rain boots and a better and cuter raincoat than I had last winter. I can't wait to walk through the large puddles without fear of soggy waterlogged socks and shoes. I would also like to compliment you on your tricky weather today--you always keep me guessing. . . You! You gave us quite the unexpected showers and I was so prepared for the worst but it was surprisingly warm. I was hot all day and didn't have the option to change. I remember the time in April when you decided to let the sun shine for about 2 weeks and we all got ready for Summer weather in the Spring and then you left us for a good while. . . You.

I just want to give a teeny, tiny, wee reminder that July has come and, for the time being, you may rest your labors and we can resume our meetings at the beginning of September. But if the situation arises that you must come, I will welcome you and thank you still for all that you do for me. I love you and hope that you remember how much we appreciate your faithful work. A few great vacations spots could be Las Vegas, Death Valley or even Atlanta. I'm sure that Charla will welcome you with a hearty song in the rain!




Michelle said...

Way too hilarious, spoken like a true Glaswegian? Way too funny!Can't wait till your back in the states!

Meaghan said...

We could use the rain here! We're in the middle of a hot spell thats making me very grateful for our pool. As I was setting up a blog I searched around and found yours. I hope you don't mind!

Carol said...

You are crackin' me up sista! So poetic...and yes we could use some rain. It's only going to be like 116 this week. Thank goodness for the pool!!!

charles said...

Dear CammieCakes,
We get rain here often. And we sing all the time. Mostly not about the rain, but I like your thinkin.


emily said...


Remember moi? I'm also from BYU 212, the girl with the camera who lived with Melody? I LOVE finding new blogs, esp. when I know the person. Come check me out if ya want!

I think your son is SO cute, and your life sounds romantic!

:) Emily (Lambson)

Elizabeth said...

I hope you can get a dry stretch to feel like summer made it there.

pcottontail said...

cammie, did you know that large falling raindrops take the shape of hamburger buns? i love hamburger buns and i can't wait to see your rainboots.