Friday, September 07, 2007

Blackberries Gone Wild

We live in the city and there are 2 ways to get to the shopping area--a busy way with old buildings and traffic and the back way filled with green grass, some trees and a little trail that leads us to the Kelvin river and eventually to town. I usually choose the later and enjoy letting Soren walk outside the stroller with safe, natural surroundings. About a week ago my friend Laura and her daughter Sofia came home with us and on the way she pointed out some lovely wild blackberries. We had so much fun picking them and eating them again and again. It's funny how I've walked that path many times and never noticed they were there.

Today Soren and I treated ourselves again to these lovely gifts from nature. There is something so satisfying about being able to pick fruit and eat it practically off the vine! I wore one of my favorite sweaters and that wasn't such a great idea with all of the prickly vines waiting to grab me, Soren and my sweater but we didn't let that stop us. I just couldn't pick them fast enough for Soren to eat them.

Here is the evidence. His little hands were so darling and purple too! I just love the colors that come from nature! Can you believe it all starts with some little seeds?

PS. I just found a twig in my hair. Awesome.


Grandma Pat said...

I love to see Soren smile !! Enjoy the berries.

Stephanie said...

Looks like you had a fun time. Cute picture.

Carol said...

That's so great! I remember when Pat had the raspberry bushes in her garden. Nathan couldn't get enough of those! He loved going to grandmas to pick raspberries.

Michelle said...

I could never see enough photos of Soren! He is so cute! My parents have a black berry bush gone wild at their Provo home and it's so much fun to literally load bowls and bowls of berries into them. I love any kind of fruit with yogurt, especially for breakfast.

charles said...

We had a blackberry bush gone wild when we were little, remember? And a boysenberry bush gone wild. Once when I was maybe 4 I was mad at mom and smashed berries all over my face and arms. She freaked out for a minute and thought I'd gotten hurt!