Monday, October 25, 2010

I heart twins

While visiting my mom I had the opportunity to see my cousin Ashley and her gorgeous family. She has twin girls that are just older than Soren and I love them! I just love twins. (When I was younger my sister Bridget and I use to say we were twins. Funny thing is I think we look more alike now then when we were little). My mom brought the kids up the canyon today and took the photos above.... I was home with my little one who was still not well and Ashley got a break (sort of;) and stayed home with her baby Isabella who is a totally darling little pixie baby.

PS. Tonight before going to bed Soren asked for a glass of Rice Dream. After he took a big gulp he declared, "that was refreshingly good."
We're a rice milk drinking family 95% of the time (oat milk and almond milk are also family favorites and the occasional fresh cows milk is a treat). One time when Soren was a baby Jason made oat milk that was quite nice. He spiced it up with cinnamon and it seemed to do well with the normal milk going foods. We need to try that again...I'll let you know when we do.


Jason said...

That boy is so cute. I miss my babies.

Bridget said...

The pictures are gorgeous. I knew instantly that the girls were Ashley's- they look like her when she was their age.

David T. Macknet said...

Beautiful pics! I can totally see you & Bridget claiming to be twins. :)

charles said...

Yep, the girls look like Ashley!

How's little muffin D?

Stephanie said...

looks like fun.