Tuesday, October 19, 2010

small town happenings while visiting la mia mama

Awesome Things Number 1 & 2

My mom

My mom having fresh milk from the dairy with cream on top. Seriously amazing. Yummy. No more vegan.

Conversation Number 1

Scene: Soren and I sitting in the car on Main St. while Jason, my mom and Dahlia go into the store to by a TV.

Soren: Mom you look like a bunny. . . because your teeth are big.

Me: (laughing) You're right I do have long front teeth.

A lady once asked me if I ate a lot of carrots when I was younger. I know what you're thinking. I can't believe she asked that either! And you're probably wondering why I'm sharing these embarrassing stories. I guess I'm at peace with my long (lovely ;) teeth and it's cathartic to share my oneness with them. I like them anyway.

Strange Happenings Number 1

Jason and I went to the above store earlier that same day to buy a cord to hook the computer up to the TV (they didn't have the right one). While we were walking back to the car we past Curly's Lounge. There were three people outside and as we walked by I don't think I've felt that "looked up and down" since high school. It was right out of a movie and we could have been wearing Lady Ga Ga's meat dress to merit the stares we got (totally gross and lame dress IMHO). It made me really appreciate city life and miss it. All the happenings, fast pace, uniqueness. . . I felt right at home.

. . .and don't get me on the topic of Dragging Main. I couldn't believe it when my mom told me that's what kids did and still did when I was 16 and we were visiting my grandma in the same small town. We took a drive one time and she showed me how the teenagers drove down Main Street and then when they got to a certain point would turn around and drive back again and again. I guess I shouldn't laugh too hard (or maybe I should laugh even harder) because while I was in Riccione, Italy (when I was 19) the kids did the same thing down the board walk. . .walking back and forth. I was with a friend and felt so ridiculous. I remember asking her what we were doing. . .totally funny memory for me. Not my cuppa tea, thank you.


David T. Macknet said...

"Cruising" ... yeah, never got into that at all. Funny that they were so into checking you out. Apparently that's a German thing, too - the stare. Strange.

charles said...

hey bunny pal. remember our bunny days?