Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I love this story

This story illustrates many things but one in particular is the beauty of movement and the joy it brings. I can imagine what a joyful and inspiring moment it was to see little Ashley turn on her side and back again.

"One evening near the end of the month, I was preparing to leave town and still hadn’t visited one of my sisters. It was later in the evening. I had no appointment. I didn’t call. I had no partner. But I decided it was important to visit my friend Julie. Julie’s daughter Ashley was born with a brittle-bone disease. Although Ashley was almost six years old, she was very small and unable to do much of anything besides move her arms and speak. She lay on a sheepskin rug all day, every day. Ashley was a happy, cheerful child, and I loved being around her.

On this particular night when I got to the home, Julie invited me in and Ashley called out that she wanted to show me something. I went in and knelt down on the floor on one side of Ashley, and her mother was on the other side. Ashley said, “Look what I can do!” Then with a little assistance from her mother, Ashley was able to turn on her side and back again. It had taken her almost six years to accomplish this wonderful goal. As we clapped and cheered and laughed and cried together on this special occasion, I thanked Heavenly Father that I had gone visiting teaching and had not missed this great event. Even though that visit was many years ago and sweet Ashley has since passed away, I will be forever grateful that I had that special experience with her."

Barbara Thompson
Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency


Claire said...

I love it too :')

scuz said...

i loved this story as well, it really got to me. I love the simplicity of love.


Michelle said...

I always love Sis. Thompson's talks.

Brit said...

Happy Birthday Cammie!