Monday, October 01, 2007

Ready for the Rain

Little Soren is all ready for the rain. We found some Thomas the Tank Engine rain boots the other day to go with the his new coat that Grandma sent!

I asked him if he could be "awesomely happy" for this photo.

. . . another fun one.


Stephanie said...

Cute pictures!

Meaghan said...

SO cute!! Have lots of fun playing in the puddles!

Michelle said...

Soren is way too cute- can't wait to see what he will be for Halloween!

charles said...

kick, step right
smile, cheer, you're a delight !

run and dance
give your new boots a chance!


gian said...

If only we could all be "awesomly happy" more in life...

charles said...

i was connecting to the conference internet video stream, and my computer noticed that i was downloading, so it asked me if i wanted to "cancel," "don't trust it," or "trust it".....with a chicken suit.

thanks, soren, for manipulating my thoughts! love ya!