Friday, October 19, 2007

The Hand-Me-Down

Months ago we met this darling family from Australia--wife, husband and their 2 year old girl (who got along great with Soren). Both the wife and husband were here getting their master's degrees in political science (in different fields--which I think is so fantastic). Any way, before they left they had loads of stuff they needed to get rid of and gave us first pick at the goods. One of the finds was this great ceramic tart/pie pan and we have put it to good use. I started with a flourless chocolate cake and have since made 4 blackberry pies (all with different crust recipes). I'm still amazed at how easy it is to make a pie--I always thought it was this big ordeal but it really isn't and it's actually fun. On the third pie we did a crisscross topping that I thought was really cute.


Carol said...

Check you out little miss baker!

Gotta love hand me downs.

Bridget said...

Can I have a piece? Looking good!

Michelle said...

Yum, that looks so great! I also have a ceramic deep pie pan and love it- it has me convinced that my pies turn out better cause they look so nice in the dish!

Stephanie said...

Learning to like pie at my house. The boys have started to enjoy pumpkin pie. I love hammy downs.

charles said...

peter loves pies more than any other dessert. that's what he requested for his last b-day....and CHERRY nonetheless.

i miss fresh blackberry and boysenberry pies!

Brit said...

Post the flourless chocolate recipe sometime if you can, that stuff is amazing!

Cammie said...


I found the cake recipe online. I think this is the one:

I am pretty sure I have done this one before if it wasn't the one I used last time.

Tell me how it turns out.