Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Email from Charla

I'm so worried about family and friends in the area. I woke up this morning with horrible realities and with the time difference I haven't had much contact with family. I just got word from my sister Charla (below).

Hey Cutie,

I wanted to talk to you about that last evening but I knew you'd be
asleep. The fires are the worst in So. Cal history, spanning from Los
Angeles (communities) past San Diego. Everyone in Fallbrook has been
evacuated, and I heard from a co-worker today (who's grandparents live
there) that at least (or around) 500 homes around Gird Rd./Reche/Pala
Mesa Golf course have been destroyed.

Francie and Wally and Dad (hopefully Dad) haven't been
evacuated--Carlsbad is safe right now and La Mesa, too, but Poway,
Ramona, parts of Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe etc... have all been
evacuated. Malibu has been evacuated and the weather is supposedly
some of the driest in history. I spoke with Francie for a while
yesterday and she says that everything is very somber and eerie. No
one smiles and tons of shops have closed down, all of the schools have
shut down and people are just glued to their houses and tvs. No one is
supposed to leave their homes unless evacuated.

I'll write more later.

Love you.

I'm praying for everyone!


Bridget said...

All of Fallbrook was evacuated too. The I5 is closed and Richard could not get to work- he was evacuated from his sisters house and they are afraid that it is destroyed! It is in OC and that fire was started by arson! It is in Madjeska canyon and it was so beautiful with very old oak and sycamore trees. We looked at buying a house there. It has been a magical little spot. I am so very sad.

Stephanie said...

I am praying for all of our family.

Elizabeth said...

As of this morning Chris' house is still standing. And Guillermo is trying to get back in now they heard a rumor that residents are being let in. Hopefully that is true.

Megan and Vinny said...

brynn has a link to some pictures of fallbrook on her blog. her address is
my dad went to fallbrook at about 5:30 this am and they wouldn't let him in.

Michelle said...

I was thinking of you when I heard about the fires hoping and praying that people there will be able to recover.

charles said...

I read today that it was more like 250 homes destroyed instead of 500...which is still horrible.

Qualcom stadium now houses around 10,000 evacutees--some of them old and in nursing home care--the nursing homes have been destroyed!

So sad.